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Oil Adsorbent DiaFellow™ DM

Oil Adsorbent DiaFellow™ DM

Mitsubishi Chemical Aqua Solutions Co., Ltd.

Efficient Treatment of Oil-bearing
Wastewater Utilizing Oil
Adsorbent, DiaFellow™ DM

DiaFellow DM is a high-performance oil adsorbent that enables the treatment of oil-containing wastewater, which was previously difficult to treat with conventional wastewater treatment process. It is applicable for treatment of car wash wastewater at bus and taxi companies, train vehicle bases, hydroelectric power plants, etc.

Fig. 1 The images of DiaFellow™ DM

DiaFellow DM consists of lipophilic polyolefin-based polymer compounds and inorganic compounds such as sulfates of alkaline earth metals, etc.
The filtration system by this material enables unmanned, automatic operation and thus operation and maintenance are easy with less workload compared to the conventional wastewater treatment process such as pressurized flotation facility.

Fig. 2 Adsorption column filled with DiaFellow™ DM

We propose the optimal oil-containing wastewater treatment process utilizing this DiaFellow DM in combination with necessary pre-and post-treatment processes based on the raw wastewater quality.

Major Features and Advantages

  • Oil-containing wastewater can be treated efficiently
  • The treated water can be reused as washing water, saving valuable water resources
  • Saves energy, chemical and labor compared to the conventional wastewater treatment process

Product guide: Packaged Oily Wastewater Treatment System-DiaFellow DM

Technology Data

Technology Data

Possible Applications

It treats oil-containing wastewater certainly and stably by the advanced oil adsorption technology. In Japan, we have a track record of delivering the technology mainly for treatment of car wash wastewater at bus and taxi companies, train vehicle bases, hydroelectric power plants, etc. Since the treated water can be reused for car washes, etc., it has led to cost reductions for customers.
In addition to buses and taxis, in developing countries where trains are becoming the mainstream in transportation services, it is possible to secure valuable water resources and lead to water circulation by introducing the technology to buses, taxi car washes, vehicle bases, etc.

Fig. 3 Basic process flow of the treatment of oil-containing wastewater

Competitive Advantage

Compared to the conventional oil-containing wastewater treatment agents made of polypropylene, DiaFellow DM is a granular composite of organic polymer and inorganic compound. The adsorption capacity to oil has significantly improved compared to conventional products. In addition, conventional products could not be backwashed because they float in water, but DiaFellow DM can be backwashed because they sink in water.

According to the actual operation data of DiaFellow DM, the power consumption was reduced by 35% from 79 kW to 51 kW when compared to the conventional process. Furthermore, the amount of chemicals used has significantly decreased by 98% compared to the conventional one.


In the current situation where oil-containing wastewater is released into rivers by conventional method or without a proper treatment, environmental pollution is easily imagined. On the other hand, compared to the conventional pressurized flotation process, it has been found that the introduction of this system reduces n-hexane extracts such as mineral oil to about 1/10, directly reducing the environmental burden. With this water quality, it can be reused as washing water or released into rivers, contributing to environmental conservation.

Plant specification

Power supply: 2-5kWAverage power consumption
Treatment capacity: 340 m3/h
Replacement cycle of DiaFellow DM: 13years
Auxiliary: activated carbon adsorption tower, pH adjustment tank (hypochlorous acid or sodium hydroxide is required)

Case of introduction

  1. Railroad rolling stock base wastewater treatment
     Capacity24m3/d Mineral oil  Raw water45mg/L
                  Treated water2mg/L
                Discharge standards:≦5mg/L
  1. Bus car-wash wastewater recycling
     Capacity5m3/h  Mineral oil  Raw water7mg/L
               Treated water:≦3mg/L

3.Automobile maintenance factory wastewater recycling
      Capacity4m3/h  Mineral oil  Raw water50mg/L
                  Treated water:≦3mg/L

4.Compressor drainage treatment
      Capacity3m3/h  Mineral oil Raw water100mg/L
              Treated water:≦5mg/L

Technical Maturity / Past record of introduction

The wastewater treatment systems utilizing DiaFellow DM are installed at over 1,200 sites in Japan as of December 2020.
・Power plants   684 projects
・Industrial    431 projects
・Trains         72 projects
・Buses         61 projects
・Taxis and, etc.  21 projects

The capacity ranges from 0.9m3/h~25m3/h for our past experiences.

Information on patent related to this technology


Company Data

Company Data

Name Mitsubishi Chemical Aqua Solutions Co., Ltd.
Address 2-2, Nihonbashihongoku-cho 1-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Capital 373.5 million JPY (as of December 31, 2020)
Contact person

Overseas Business Support Dept.
Tel.: +81-3-6848-1069
Corporate website:

Number of employees 472 (as of April 1, 2021)
Date of company foundation November 1985
The type of business
  1. Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) and Operation and Maintenance (O&M) of “Decentralized Water Treatment Systems”, wastewater treatment systems, separation and refining systems, medical water treatment systems and etc.”
  2. Water quality analysis
  3. Sales of water treatment related chemicals, standard equipment, hollow fiber membrane, ion exchange resins and membrane, etc.
  4. Hydroponics system and Seeding production system for plant factory


International Operation

Number of employees for international operation 

Overseas offices

City, Country Name of Company (if applicable)
Laguna, Philippines Mitsubishi Chemical Aqua Solutions Co., Ltd. Philippine Branch


Modality of business transaction

We are looking for a local business partner or a distributor who would actively support promoting and installing our technology and product.
When we find a potential partner(s), we will transfer the technology, necessary for the work above.

Export of product
We can export our products to clients overseas. Even in this case, we will provide necessary assistance through the remote monitoring system.


Schematic illustration of the technology

Contact Person(s)

Overseas Business Support Dept. E-mail:

*Please mention that you saw UNIDO's website when making the first contact with the company.

Registered Category

  • Environmental Technologies : Circular Economy (3R)