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Delegate Programme

Delegate Programme


UNIDO ITPO Tokyo invites investment and/or technology promotion delegates for a short-term stay in Japan to hold business meetings and networking with Japanese companies and government institutions in order to promote the delegate’s country and specific sectors to attract FDI and technology transfer from Japan.

Delegates are officials from government or semi-government institutions in developing and emerging countries, who are in charge of inviting FDI and/or technology transfer, and who possess enough experience and good communication skills in English.

Activities in Japan

Delegates stay in Japan on average for 2 to 3 weeks at UNIDO ITPO Tokyo’s office in Tokyo, and are supported by local UNIDO officers and staff. The delegate’s schedule is well organized before arrival to Japan, with many activities such as bilateral business meetings, presentations at investment seminars, and visits to companies and factories, sometimes located outside of Tokyo.

Bilateral business meetings are set up with selected companies who are planning investment or technology transfer. Such meetings can be very fruitful in terms of the networking and information exchange opportunities raised. In many cases, companies who are interested in the delegate’s country may plan their business missions for further investigation.

Investment seminars about the delegate’s country give not only general information about latest situation of social, economic, investment and political situation in the country, but also its legal system, culture, life style, and also detailed conditions and incentives for FDI, followed by question and answer sessions.

Factory and site visit contribute to the clear understanding for the delegates of technology and culture of Japanese companies. Those experiences establish good relationship between both sides to promote the business.


Through the programme, delegates have a chance to experience and understand Japanese culture in general and Japanese business style in particular, and are able to acquire ideas as to what kind of efforts are necessary to promote FDI or technology transfer from Japanese companies to their countries.

Delegates can establish a very good network through UNIDO ITPO Tokyo programme and keep contact even after return to their countries, where they are expected to remain very active as a “Japan Desk” to consult or support the activities of Japanese companies.

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