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STePP Demo Result in Madagascar

STePP Demo Result in Madagascar

Installation ceremony held at the Joseph Raseta Befelatanana University Hospita
(Chuwa Industrial Co., Ltd.)











Incinerator for Medical Waste (CHUWA INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.)

Poor segregation of medical waste is a potential source of infection, including COVID-19. However, due to budget constraints, only a few hospitals in Madagascar and Senegal were found to have functioning incinerators. Moreover, the existing incinerators produced smoke and ash, which cause environmental pollution. Therefore, to prevent secondary infections caused by exposure to health care waste, there is an urgent need to introduce smokeless and easily operable incinerators and to train medical workers as well as operators on the proper handling and segregation of waste, especially in large hospitals and clinics.

Overview of the Project
UNIDO installed small-scale medical-waste incinerators (with a capacity of 470kg per day) at public hospitals in Madagascar and Senegal that accept COVID-19 patients. The incinerator has a water-cooled structure, which provides excellent durability and prevents damage, even when high-calorific values such as plastics are incinerated. It is also a smokeless incinerator that is safe for the environment. The project provided full training on commissioning and operations to medical workers, in cooperation with local authorities and hospitals. 

Project Profile

  • City, Country
  • Antananarivo, MADAGASCAR
  • Dakar, SENEGAL
  • Madagascar:
    Ministry of Public Health
    University Hospital Joseph Raseta Befelatanana
  • Senegal:
    Ministry of Health and Social Action
    University Hospital Fann
Key Outcomes
  • 2 incinerators installed with a capacity of up to 470kg/day (one unit per country)
  • 6 days of training held for engineers (2 in Madagascar, 4 in Senegal)
  • 9 engineers trained (6 in Madagascar, 3 in Senegal)
  • 5 days of training held for operators and health care personnel (3 in Madagascar, 2 in Senegal)
  • 43 operators and health care personnel trained (30 in Madagascar, 13 in Senegal)
  • The capacity to dispose of 450kg of medical waste each day


Company Profile

Address OG Bldg.3F, 2-8-7, Nihonbashihoncho, Chuo-ku, 103-0023,Tokyo, Japan
Capital 10 million JPY
Contact Person Mr. Kuniaki IMAO
Telephone: +81-3-5643-2571

The type of business

Design, planning and sales of incinerators



“This project was very timely during the COVID-19 pandemic. When the virus is rapidly spreading, burning the biomedical waste is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of the disease.”

Oumar DABO, Director, Chunoda Service Sarl

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