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STePP Demo Result in Mongolia

STePP Demo Result in Mongolia

Coating in the hospital


Photocatalytic Coating with Antibacterial Effect (MARUSYO SANGYO CO.,LTD.)

The spread of COVID-19 has raised awareness about the importance of disinfection. On the other hand, daily chemical disinfection has been a heavy burden for hospitals, in terms of medical workers’ time and costs. Photocatalytic coating technology creates an antibacterial effect on surfaces that reacts to room light. In addition, the coating can provide a safer work environment for medical staff by preventing secondary infection.

Overview of the Project
UNIDO applied photocatalytic coatings in a total of eight hospitals in three countries (India, Kenya, and Mongolia) to demonstrate and test the elimination of pathogenic microorganisms. The project provided training on coating techniques as well as helped increase medical workers’ knowledge about general hygiene practices at hospitals. In each country, a swab sample was sent to a laboratory and proved that the coating is effective in eliminating microorganisms. The coating successfully contributed to reducing the time medical workers spent on disinfection.

Project Profile

City, Country                       Ulaanbaatar, MONGOLIA

Counterparts                      • State Second General Hospital
                                         • National Center of Communicable Diseases
                                         • First Central Hospital of Mongolia
                                         • Tana Lab Co., Ltd.

Key Outcomes                    • Applied coating to 23 rooms in 8 hospitals
                                         • 29 engineers trained
                                         • 270 medical workers participated in general hygiene training
                                         • Training video and manuals created in 3 languages
                                         (*Including the same technology projects’ output in India and Kenya)

Company Profile

Name                                 MARUSYO SANGYO CO.,LTD.
Address                              171 Tajimacho, Sanoshi, Tochigi, 327-0031, Japan
Capital                               10 million JPY
Contact Person                    Mr. Takayuki YOSHIKAWA
Telephone:                         +81-283-22-1901
The type of business           Textile manufacturing and chemical products manufacturing

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