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Capacity Building

Capacity Building

Capacity Building is an activity which develops the organizational ability of developing and emerging countries to promote industrial development.

UNIDO ITPO Tokyo organizes capacity building activities such as lectures, factory visits, and fact-finding meetings for various delegations from developing and emerging countries, and also for officials of embassies in Japan. The aim of these activities is to enable participants to learn about networking, technologies, and business promotion opportunities in Japan.

  • Embassy Programme
    UNIDO ITPO Tokyo is organizing seminars or factory tours for members of embassies of developing and emerging countries in Tokyo to learn about manufacturing or environmental technologies which Japanese enterprises possess. Also UNIDO ITPO Tokyo organizes tours to exhibition events about technologies.
  • Visit Tour
    UNIDO ITPO Tokyo organizes nationwide tour visiting facilities of local governments or enterprises.
  • Delegation Groups
    UNIDO ITPO Tokyo supports delegations from developing and emerging countries to obtain information about leading technologies of Japanese enterprises regarding manufacturing or environmental sustainability. UNIDO ITPO Tokyo can arrange business meetings between visiting delegations and local governments or enterprises.

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