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STePP Demo Result in Kenya

STePP Demo Result in Kenya

Hospital and project staff in Nairobi, Kenya, where Kinsei Sangyo Co., Ltd. provided a medical waste incinerator (back photo) to prevent secondary infection with COVID-19.

Project Overview

Three projects have been implemented in Kenya.

TSP TAIYO INC. has been introducing a Mobile Inspection System with Solar Modules in Kenya. The design concept is “mobile PCR testing laboratory”, that integrates inspection, specimen storage and transportation functions into a trailer-type system (width 2.40m, length 6.00m, height 3.05m) that can be towed by a standard vehicle.

Marusyo Sangyo Co., Ltd.[別窓] has been introducing a visible light reactive photocatalytic coating called “InviroShield M5” to combat infections. The technology is sprayed on rooms, walls and ceilings with a spray gun to reduce the number of bacteria floating in the room and thus reduce the risk of indoor infections. It can be used to control indoor bacteria in poorly cleaned rooms, hospital operating rooms, infection isolation rooms and rooms at risk of infection. 

Kinsei Sangyo Co., Ltd. has been installing an incinerator for medical wastes at Mutuini Hospital in Nairobi to demonstrate the patented technology of smallscale equipment , Waste incinerator of gasification system for infectious medical wastes to prevent secondary infection due to the lack of established disposal and treatment of infectious waste.


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