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Uganda: STePP Industrial Vocational Training Programme in Africa

Uganda: STePP Industrial Vocational Training Programme in Africa



Environmentally friendly automobile recycling technology (Kaiho Industry Co., Ltd.)

In Uganda and many developing countries, dismantling and recycling of end-of-life vehicles (ELV’s) is mainly performed manually by the informal sector. As such workers are often not equipped with professional skills and knowledge to adequately dispose of dismantled material, worksites are prone to becoming the cause of various environmental problems that affect the wider community, such as CFC gas emissions, soil contamination from waste oil and lead, and high concentrations of heavy metals such as iron in nearby water sources. The lack of appropriate skills and equipment also significantly increases the risks of occupational health and safety incidents. These issues highlight the need to develop industrial human resources that are capable of recycling ELV’s in a safe and environmentally sound manner.

Project Overview
To help tackle the ELV recycling issue in Uganda, Kaiho Industry Co., Ltd. will provide its environmentally friendly and safe ELV recycling technology and know-how, which it has cultivated over the past 53 years, to two instructors from the Nakawa Vocational Training School in Uganda. This aims to ultimately disseminate this technology in Uganda, through the guidance of the two instructors.

In the first phase, two instructors from Nakawa Vocational Training School will be invited to Japan as trainees to attend a four-week training program. The trainees will acquire knowledge on ELV recycling by examining optimal methods of dismantling and sorting vehicles in a manner suitable within Uganda’s current infrastructure, learning guidelines and regulations regarding safety aspects of recycling, and learning practical skills through dismantling of actual ELV’s. After returning to their home countries, the trainees will serve as instructors to train local business operators and trainees on how to safely dismantle ELV’s through Kaiho Industry’s methods. Through such activities, this the Training of Trainers (ToT) program will contribute to the long-term human resource development of Uganda’s ELV recycling industry.

On the environmental front, the program will help Ugandan business operators acquire optimal ELV dismantling and recycling technologies, thereby reducing the release of chemical substances and polluting gases into the air, water sources, and soil in their country and surrounding areas. In addition, by incorporating dismantled parts and materials that are currently disposed of as industrial waste in Uganda into the material recycling value chain, the utilization rate of materials can be improved whilst reducing environmental impact. Furthermore, it will also contribute to job creation and self-sustained development of the local ELV recycling industry.

Project Details


Republic of Uganda

Project Partners

Kaiho Industry Co., Ltd.
Nakawa Vocational Training Center

Key Results

To be added once the program is completed

Company Overview

Company Name

Kaiho Industry Co., Ltd.



〒920-0209 1-chome-25, Higashikagatsunemachi, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture


JPY 57 million


Mr. Taishi SUZUKI
Phone Number: +81-76-237-5133

Business Description

Automobile recycling, sales and export of used automobile parts

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