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UNIDO ITPO Tokyo issues the following information.
(Press Release)


Annual Reports by UNIDO Headquarters and UNIDO ITPO Tokyo can be downloaded as a PDF file.


Brochures regarding the activities of UNIDO. It can be downloaded hereae

Japanese Bulletin “UNI-World”

“UNI-World” is a printed magazine in Japanese periodically issued by UNIDO ITPO Tokyo. It can be downloaded as a PDF file.

English Bulletin “MakingIt”

“Makingit” is a digital quarterly official magazine issued by UNIDO Headquarters in English. It can be downloaded as a web-magazine.

UNIDO ITPO Tokyo provides information to the Japanese public sector, private sector, academic institutions, international organizations, NGOs and NPOs who are interested in investment and/or technology transfer to developing countries. All consultations can be done in Japanese or English.

Information which UNIDO ITPO Tokyo provides is based on information collected through the activities of UNIDO’s worldwide network, , information emanating from UNIDO’s local offices, and information received from delegates or investment promotion officers and embassies in Japan.

UNIDO ITPO Tokyo publishes a period magazine called “Uni-World” in Japanese. An “Annual Report” in English is also available, which explains all detailed activities.