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STePP Demo Result in Uganda

STePP Demo Result in Uganda

Workshop for Nurses at the hospital (Saraya Co., Ltd.)











Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer (SARAYA CO., LTD.)

Uganda reported its first case of COVID-19 on March 22, 2020. Despite the country’s strict measures against the disease, including restrictions on movement, closures of international and subnational borders, and reductions in business activities, the virus has spread throughout the nation, risking lives and the health and well-being of individuals. With the reopening of the economy and an increase in in-person contact, strict hand sanitization has become critical, especially in Uganda, where the demand for hand sanitization products against non-enveloped viruses remains extremely high following the 2018 Ebola virus outbreak.

Overview of the Project
UNIDO installed a manufacturing technology for the mass production of alcohol-based sanitizers to improve sanitation in the health care and food industries. The technology provided a safe and effective formulation of hand sanitizers that counter non-enveloped and alcohol-resistant viruses, including Ebola and the coronaviruses. The technology enabled production capacity to increase from 10kL/month to 200kL/month to meet increasing demand for the sanitation solution. In addition to manufacturing, the project also focused on changes in infection prevention protocols and in control practices at hospitals and in the food industry that can improve sanitation. To improve the hygiene and sanitary conditions in the country, the project provided hygiene instructions in line with the WHO’s hand-hygiene guidelines to doctors, nurses, and food industry workers.

Project Profile

City, Country               • Kampala, UGANDA

Counterparts               • Saraya Manufacturing (U) Ltd
                                  • Mengo Hospital
                                  • Uganda Cancer Institute
                                  • Uganda Heart Institute
                                  • Naguru General Hospital
                                  • Lubaga Hospital
                                  • Medipal International Hospital
                                  • Doctor’s Hospital Seguku
                                  • Bethany Women’s Hospital

Key Outcomes            • 1 unit of equipment for the mass production of alcohol-based sanitizers installed
                                • Factory with the capacity to produce 200 thousand liters of alcohol sanitizer per month                                                   established
                                • 314 medical workers trained in hygiene practices
                                • 58.9% of the participants were women
                                • Compliance rate increased from an average of 21.2% to 50.8%

Company Profile

Name                       SARAYA CO., LTD.
Address                    2-2-8 Yuzato, Higashisumiyoshi-ku, Osaka, 546-0013, Japan
Capital                     45 million JPY
Contact Person         Ms. Tamaro Stephanie NAKAMURA
Telephone:              +81-6-6703-6336
The type of business 1. Development, manufacturing, and sales of household and commercial cleaning products,             disinfectants, hygiene products such as mouthwash, chemical liquid supply equipment, food             products 2. Consulting on food and environmental hygiene

“We appreciate the UNIDO ITPO Tokyo office’s partnership over the years with Uganda, in view of current global circumstances, and its promotion of technology transfers and investment in the health sector. On behalf of our country, we would like to extend our appreciation to both UNIDO and Saraya for such a timely intervention, especially in the health sector.”

Evelyn NGALONSA, First Secretary, Embassy of the Republic of Uganda in Japan

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