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STePP Demo Result in Viet Nam

STePP Demo Result in Viet Nam

Preparation of Hypochlorous acid water production equipment before export (AGC Inc.)


Project Overview

In Viet Nam, two companies have been disseminating their technologies.

AGC Inc. introduces the equipment to produce hypochlorous acid water by ion exchange membrane. The hypochlorous acid water is effective for eliminating various viruses and bacteria including SARS-CoV-2. The project encompasses the installation, operation, data collection, and analysis (e.g. measuring the amount of hypochlorite water produced, pH and effective chlorine concentration) of the equipment in a hospital and a food processing company. The enhanced sanitation instructed by AGC Inc. and local partners will benefit the community, especially healthcare workers, hospital patients, food industry workers, and consumers.  

The number of direct beneficiaries of this project is 416 in total. Among which, 218 are healthcare workers (40 doctors, 108 nurses, 70 others) and 198 are the workers of the food processing company. 69% of them are female. Furthermore, the indirect beneficiaries will be approximately 330,000 annually. Each year, 224,000 hospital patients and 106,000 customers will receive the benefit with the enhanced hygiene from this project.

Tromso Co., Ltd. has been installing built-in water purifiers using activated carbon made from rice husks in about 200 hospitals and schools that are supplied with water by the Center for Rural Water Supply and Sanitation (CRWSS) in Soc Trang Province. The adsorption power of rice husk activated carbon is superior to that of ordinary coconut husk activated carbon, and it can remove 99.9% of not only E.coli but also general bacteria. This will contribute to reduce the risk of infectious diseases caused by domestic water and the improvement of health and sanitation. 


AGC Inc. installed their hypochlorous acid water technology at a hospital in Danang and a food factory in Ho Chi Minh. The installations and trainings were carried out successfully via online with the support of the AGC’s local partners. A total of 39 employees from the hospital and the food factory are now thoroughly familiar with the operation and maintenance of the equipment.

We are pleased to receive equipment on hypochlorous acid water from Japan, which helps to eradicate bacteria and virus including COVID-19. The equipment is compact and easy to operate; we were excited to learn how this product can improve hygiene condition in our hospital.” Dr. Hoan HAI of the University of Danang

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