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South Africa: STePP Industrial Vocational Training Programme in Africa

South Africa: STePP Industrial Vocational Training Programme in Africa


South Africa

Pump technology for sustainable water distribution(Ebara Corporation)

Stable and safe water supply for domestic use, industrial use, agriculture, and power generation is essential for the realization of a sustainable society, as put forth in Goal 6 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In particular, “access to safe water” is an urgent issue in developing countries, such as South Africa. With its growing population, rapidly developing economy and industry, and vulnerability to the effects of climate change, the African continent is facing severe issues with regards to basic facilities not keeping pace with rising demand. More than 400 million people in Africa lack access to clean drinking water, while 800 million people are without basic hand-washing facilities. In addition, the selection of appropriate drainage technology and maintenance expertise is equally as important as water facility implementation, as inadequate selection of pumps can result in critical system failures that render the water supply inoperable.

Project Overview
UNIDO ITPO Tokyo will cooperate with Ebara Corporation, to provide training on pumps for sustainable water distribution. Ebara Corporation has set “delivering water to 600 million people around the world” as one of the targets of its long-term vision, “E-Vision 2030”. In line with their vision, Ebara Corporation will provide expertise in sales and dissemination of pump technology (pump selection, estimation, customer support techniques, etc.) to two trainees from South Africa through a two-week training program (ToT: Training of Trainers). After the training program in Japan, the trainees will serve as local instructors to disseminate their acquired knowledge to industry personnel in their home countries. Through this program, UNIDO and Ebara Corporation will support the capacity building of over 100 local engineers and sales representatives in the South African pump technology sales, service, and maintenance industry.

By increasing the local sales representatives’ understanding of pump products and improving their ability to select the appropriate pumps, the training aims to promote the use of high-quality, high-efficiency pumps in South Africa. This will contribute to the reduction of inoperable pumps and service outages in South Africa, helping to ensure a stable and safe water supply in the country. In addition, advanced knowledge of pump technology will be useful in a variety of settings, such as irrigation and infrastructure development, which are essential foundations for sustainable development. Furthermore, the selection and use of highly efficient pump products will also lead to reduced electricity consumption, contributing to the mitigation of climate change.

Project Details


Republic of South Africa

Project Partners

Ebara Corporation

Company Overview

Company Name

Ebara Corporation



〒144-8510 11-1 Hanedaasahicho, Ota-ku, Tokyo


JPY 79.8 billion


Phone Number: +81-70-7796-8120

Business Description

Manufacture and sale of pumps, turbines and other fluid machinery, water purification, and wastewater treatment equipment, etc.

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