Environmental Technology Database


UNIDO ITPO Tokyo’s Environmental Technology Database is designed to share information on energy and environment related technologies which Japanese enterprises possess, in order to promote the transfer of such technologies to developing countries.

The technologies are reviewed and checked for registration in the database by UNIDO officers and technology consultants based on the following criteria;
1) Applicability in developing countries
2) Competitive advantage
3) Conformity with UNIDO’s mandate of industrial development
4) Sustainability
5) Technical maturity

How to utilize or register

How to utilize the information
Contact for registration

Low carbon & energy conservation

Technologies to reduce CO2 emission or improve energy efficiency in industries and households.
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Agriculture, fishing, and forestry
Buildings and household
Energy efficiency
Renewable energy

Prevention and destruction of pollution

Technologies to prevent and destruct pollution of environment such as air, water or soil.
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Ozone-depletion substances (ODS)
Air pollution
Industrial waste water
Land water
Soil and underground water
Urban and living environment

Waste treatment & management

Technologies contribute to waste treatment or waste management, including 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle).
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Recycling of plastics
Recycling of glass
ELV (end-of-life vehicles)
Production process
Municipal solid waste
Industrial waste
Medical waste

How to utilize the information

Any organizations in developing countries, such as governmental organizations, private enterprises, institutions or NGOs, are allowed to approach the technology holder on the database.
If you are interested in the registered technologies, please send an e-mail in English to the indicated “contact person” listed in the “company data” section of the database.
For intermediation or more detailed information, please feel free to contact UNIDO ITPO Tokyo. We are willing to support your research regarding transferable technologies from Japan listed on the database

Contact for registration

Japanese enterprises who wish to register their technologies, please contact UNIDO ITPO Tokyo, by sending a request message to
UNIDO ITPO Tokyo will not use any confidential information which it comes to know through the registration process for any purpose other than the above. The contents to be uploaded will be discussed between the applicant and UNIDO ITPO Tokyo, though the final decision, as to which technologies should be contained in the database, is strictly under the consideration of UNIDO ITPO Tokyo.


UNIDO ITPO Tokyo’s Environmental Technology Database is provided “as is” without any warranties of any kind regarding the technologies and information featured. UNIDO ITPO Tokyo does not accept any liability, whether direct or indirect, arising from any person(s) relying, whether wholly or partially, upon any of the information, product or services contained or linked from this database.