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Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer

Our concept

UNIDO ITPO Tokyo promotes selected sound, productive and environmentally friendly technologies and know-how of Japanese companies seeking partners overseas, in order to assist inclusive and sustainable development efforts worldwide.

While Japan has been importing most of its energy needs, the country has developed highly energy-efficient manufacturing technologies. Also since Japan historically suffered from pollution during initial periods of economic growth, the country has created good technologies for environmentally friendly production and waste management systems. Such technologies can contribute to the achievement of industrial development as well as environmental protection in developing and emerging countries, and can be considered to be the main key success factor to achieve ISID (Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development), which UNIDO targets.

Environmental Technology Database

UNIDO ITPO Tokyo collects information about energy and environment technologies of Japanese companies who agree on the ISID spirit of UNIDO, uploading these on its website in English as the “Environmental Technology Database” for developing and emerging countries. And when UNIDO ITPO Tokyo receives delegates from developing and emerging countries, those technologies and companies are introduced to meet their requirements for technology transfer.

UNIDO ITPO Tokyo promotes investment and technology transfer from Japan to developing and emerging countries through Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Joint Venture (JV), licensing of technology, etc., with emphasis on among other things the following energy and environment related technologies and solutions which Japanese enterprises possess.

  1. Low carbon and energy conservation
    Technologies to reduce CO2 emission or improve energy efficiency in industries and households.
  2. Prevention and destruction of pollution
    Technologies to prevent and destruct pollution of environment such as air, water or soil.
  3. Waste treatment and management
    Technologies contribute to waste treatment or waste management, including 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle).

How to register your technologies

Technologies required by developing and emerging countries are not limited to advanced technologies. Even conventional technologies in Japan can contribute to saving the future of developing and emerging countries. In addition there are cases in which accumulated know how and experiences in system design or educational campaigns for environment preservation can also be very helpful to developing and emerging countries.

Japanese companies who wish to upload relevant information about their products, services and/or technologies on UNIDO ITPO Tokyo’s website, similar to the ones already uploaded, please contact UNIDO ITPO Tokyo, through


UNIDO ITPO Tokyo will not use any information which it comes to know through this process for any purpose other than the above. The contents to be uploaded will be decided by both the applicant and UNIDO ITPO Tokyo, though, the decision whether to upload it or not will be made solely by UNIDO ITPO Tokyo.

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