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STePP Demo Result in Morocco

STePP Demo Result in Morocco


Wastewater Treatment System (HINODE SANGYO CO., LTD)

The development and sustainable management of water resources remain challenging in Morocco, especially in rural areas. Some 48% of sewage water is discharged into rivers or applied to land; the rest is discharged into the sea without any treatment. The lack of wastewater treatment before reuse in inland cities has resulted in the exposure of the local population to waterborne diseases and the degradation of surface water and groundwater resources. Morocco has approximately 100 purification systems; however, the lack of technical, financial, and human resources poses challenges to the sustainable use of the technology.

Overview of the Project
This project focused on the construction and operation of wastewater treatment systems that are sustainable in the community. The project conducted environmental studies and site surveys to assess the applicability of the technology in Douar Boughanim, located in Al Haouz Province, which is approximately 80km east of Marrakesh. The technology has the capacity to treat the household wastewater of the entire village of Boughanim, which has approximately 800 residents. The system is effective, easy to maintain, eco-friendly, and cost efficient.

Project Profile

City, Country                  • Al Haouz Province, MOROCCO
Counterparts                  • Ministry of Interior
                                    • Ministry of Economy and Finance
                                    • Tazart Commune
                                    • Douar Boughanim Village

Key Outcomes              • 1 water treatment system installed
                                   • 1 operational manual created in Arabic
                                   • 5 days of training provided to local engineers on instalment, daily operation and maintenance
                                   • 40% of trainees and beneficiaries to be female

Company Profile

Name                          HINODE SANGYO CO.,LTD.
Address                      3854 Ikebe-cho, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa 224-0053, Japan
Capital                        20 million JPY
Contact Person             Ms. Kaori FUJITA
Telephone:                  +81-45-507-3031
The type of business     Waste water treatment


“We appreciate UNIDO and Hinode Sangyo installing this technology in our village. This is very applicable to the challenges we have. We have suffered from waterborne diseases. The technology is much needed by our people.” 

Khalifa ELMASFIOUI, President, Boughanim Association for the Development and Agricultural Cooperation

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