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Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer

UNIDO ITPO Tokyo promotes selected sound, productive and environmentally friendly technologies and know-how of Japanese companies seeking partners overseas. UNIDO ITPO Tokyo is collecting information of technology energy and environment of Japanese companies, uploading on the website in English as “Environment Technology Database” for developing and emerging countries.

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The Third Technology Day was held on 15 November

UNIDO ITPO Tokyo organized the Third Technology Day on November 15th 2018, which was attended by 48 participants including 34 representatives from 25 embassies.


The Second Technology Day

A platform event enabling direct communication between the representatives of embassies in Japan and Japanese companies who are eager to transfer their unique technologies in the area of environment and energy development especially for developing and emerging countries, took place for the second time in Tokyo at the UNU Building. The event, Technology Day, attracted 35 participants (representatives from 22 embassies and consultants), who spent the afternoon visiting the exhibition booths of the 12 Japanese companies.

Technology Day

Enthusiasm filled the room, as 50 representatives from 33 countries namely from Embassies of developing and emerging countries in Japan, met 12 Japanese companies through exhibition booths filled with demonstration models and information on technologies waiting to be promoted overseas.


The joint workshop between ITPO Tokyo and companies on “Environmental Technology Database”

The joint workshop was held between UNIDO ITPO Tokyo and companies which were registered or interested in “Environmental Technology Database” on 15 March 2016.