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Battery Lifespan Extension Device “JIN-PRO BR”

Battery Lifespan Extension Device “JIN-PRO BR”


Battery Lifespan Extension Device "JIN-PROBR" 

"J IN-PROBR" is a palm-sized device, named from Batter Rescue. By attaching it to lead-acid batteries,  the service life of batteries can be extended by more than double. By extending the service life of these batteries, “JIN-PRO BR” significantly reduces waste and the associated environmental impact.

The “JIN-PRO BR” aims to bring this transformative technology to developing countries, ensuring reliable power supply and a sustainable future for communities worldwide.

Figure 1: Removal of sulfation with "BR"

Major Features and Advantages

Lead-acid batteries are used worldwide in various applications, such as uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), emergency power supplies, automobiles, construction machinery, etc. They are cost-effective and easily scaled up to accommodate larger capabilities, compared to lithium-ion batteries. However, their service life is limited to typically two to five years, depending on the type, working environment and usage conditions etc. Indeed, the performance of lead-acid batteries typically deteriorates over time due to a chemical change in electrolyte known as “Sulfation”. Sulfation involves the crystallization of lead sulfate on the surface of electrodes. This crystallized lead sulfate is difficult to dissolve and significantly hampers the generation of electricity.

The “JIN-PRO BR” directly addresses this issue of sulfation and provides a longer lifespan to lead-acid batteries. The “JIN-PRO BR” generates micro pulses on the electrode plates by continuously applying a small amount of electric current to the lead-acid battery during charging and discharging. By doing so, it decomposes and removes lead sulphate crystals attached by sulfation, which is a major cause of lead-acid battery’s chemical deterioration. This process restores the battery to a state close to that of a new battery. Additionally, “JIN-PRO BR” also inhibits the deactivation of the electrolyte, a cause of gas emission of lead batteries, thereby significantly reducing the risk of accidents.

Figure 2: Image of Battery performance

Technology Data

Possible applications

    (1) Reduced Disposal Volume

    The Global E-waste Monitor 2020 reported in July 2020 that a record 53.6 million metric tonnes (Mt) of e-waste, discarded products with a battery or plug such as computers and mobile phones, had been generated worldwide in 2019, up 21 per cent in five years. Such significant e-waste poses a serious concern on a global scale.

    Developing countries, where lead-acid batteries are commonly used, generate a substantial amount of waste batteries. However, illegal dumping or improper disposal are prevalent due to the lack of a comprehensive collection system and strict enforcement of waste management laws and regulations. Such inappropriate conducts lead to soil and water pollution caused by split lead and sulfuric acid, posing environmental and health risks to residents and their surroundings.

    While conventional solutions such as promoting proper disposal, strengthening laws or regulations, investing in recycling plants are important, there is a practical alternative approach to address these issues. By extending the service life of the storage batteries by twice or three times, the disposal volume can be reduced by half to one-third. This approach is the focus of our “JIN-PRO BR”, which aims to contribute to solving issues related to lead-acid batteries.

    (2) Reduced Replacement Cost

    Furthermore, by extending the service life of the storage batteries by attaching the “JIN-PRO BR,” the replacement cost can be reduced. These cost savings allow consumers to allocate their resources to other management aspects, potentially accelerating investment in new facilities.

    (3) Improved Reliable Infrastructure

    Ultimately, we hope to contribute to the citizens of developing countries to be benefited from the improved reliability of critical infrastructure through investments, such as power plants, ports, airports, telecommunication base stations, data centres, more efficient logistics, and extended operational life of off-grid power generation systems etc. by introducing “JIN-PRO BR”.

    Competitive advantage

    Compared to other products and technologies that extend the life of lead-acid batteries, the “JIN-PRO BR” stands out due to its patented function of automatically adjusting the pulse frequency. Here are the advantages it offers over competitors:

    1. “JIN-PRO BR” can extend the service lives of lead batteries by 2 to 3 times, contingent upon the working conditions of the batteries.
    2. “JIN-PRO BR” offers the unique capability to regenerate lead-acid batteries while they are still in use, eliminating the need to remove batteries from machines for regeneration. The effects of JIN-PRO BR will be observed typically within one to two months after application.
    3. A patented product originating from Japan, “JIN-PRO BR” has undergone rigorous testing primarily within the Japanese market for over a decade, ensuring its reliability and effectiveness.

    These advantages make “JIN PRO BR” a reliable and efficient choice for extending the life of lead-acid batteries, providing users with enhanced functionality and cost savings.


      The “JIN-PRO BR” has the capability to extend the service life of lead-acid batteries by up to three times, depending on working conditions, usage patterns, and maintenance practices of the batteries. 

      Drive frequency 20 kHz to 80 kHz automatic variable intermittent operation
      Current consumption during operation 20 mA or less (when stopped: < 0.5 mA)
      Cord length approx. 90 cm
      Operating temperature range -30°C to 85°C
      W115 x D69 x H19.5 mm
      Weight ≦150 g
      Application Voltage 12V / 24V / 48V

      Technical maturity / Past record of introduction

      Since its launch in 2011, the patented technology that “JIN-PRO BR” utilizes has achieved over 30,000 units of sales of the product to date and contributed to extending the service life of lead-acid batteries.

      Applications of the “JIN-PRO BR” are typically in two ways:

      1. In critical infrastructure like UPS for factories, emergency power supplies, and telecommunication base stations, where lead-acid batteries function as backup systems.
      2. In industrial settings such as forklifts and golfcarts, where lead-acid batteries serve as power sources.

      With a business history predominantly in Japan for over a decade, the companies aim to expand the reach of its technology beyond Japan, particularly targeting developing countries where lead-acid batteries are commonly used, but efficient recycling systems have not been well established. The companies seek collaborative partners with local entities to actively contribute to the significant reduction of lead-acid battery waste in these countries.

      Information on patent related to this technology

      Patent No.: 5462847 of Japan
      Patent Registration Date: 24 January 2014
      Patent Holder: SENSING TECHNO CO., LTD.

      Company Data


      (Manufacturer through group company & distributer)

      (Patent holder of the technology)

      Address 1-27-3 Okubo, Narashino-shi, Chiba, Japan 6-3-40 Saijo-Shitami, Higashi-hiroshima, Hiroshima, Japan
      Capital 10 Million Japanese Yen (as of April 2023) 25 Million Japanese Yen
      Contact person Mr. Yuji Yasutomi 
      TEL: +81-047-411-8890
      Number of employees 21  4
      Date of company foundation 8 July 2010 27 January 2011
      The type of business Telecommunications works 

      Development, manufacture and sale of lead batteries and other battery activation equipment.
      Development and sale of machinery and equipment related to environmental protection and management.

      International operation

      Number of employees for international operation 
      Overseas offices

      City, Country Name of Company (if applicable)
      N/A N/A

      Modality of business transaction

      We propose establishing a local partnership for the sale of “JIN-PRO BR” in developing countries. Potential applications of “JIN-PRO BR” include:

      1. In critical infrastructure like UPS for factories, emergency power supplies, and telecommunication base stations, where lead-acid batteries function as backup systems.
      2. In industrial settings such as forklifts and golfcarts, where lead-acid batteries serve as power sources.


      Schematic illustration of the technology

      Attachment BR202312v2






      Contact Person(s)

      Mr. Yuji Yasutomi (JIN PRODUCTLINE INC.)E-mail:

      *Please mention that you saw UNIDO's website when making the first contact with the company.

      Registered Category

      • Energy Technologies : Energy saving and energy storage