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Push Swab: Medical Grade Swab with Instant Soaking of Disinfectant

Push Swab: Medical Grade Swab with Instant Soaking of Disinfectant

Hakuzo Medical Corporation

Push Swab: Medical Grade Swab with Instant Soaking of Disinfectant


The Push Swab addresses critical challenges in developing countries' healthcare facilities, including inadequate infrastructure, limited resources, and poor infection control practices. By offering a simple, single-use solution for disinfection that requires minimal preparation and maintenance, it optimizes resource utilization and ensures efficient infection control measures.

The Push Swab is an innovative packaging solution comprising single-use disinfectant and swab sticks. Its unique design allows users to soak the swab with disinfectant conveniently by pushing it forward before use. This eliminates the need to prepare disinfectant soaking swabs and saves time and space in hospital rooms before treatments. By mitigating the risk of contamination from improperly prepared or misplaced solutions, the Push Swab helps to reduce the spread of epidemics. Additionally, it promotes environmental sustainability by minimizing wasteful disposal of used solutions.

Video 1: HAKUZO Push Swab Series

Major Features and Advantages

  • Minimize the risk of contamination with one item per treatment
  • Elimination of the need for universal jars or forceps, cleaning and sterilization equipment, and preparation of disinfectants
  • Precisely measured chemical solution, contained in an appropriate amount for each standard, to prevent wastage
  • Clean usage without staining fingers, as no chemical liquid is applied to the swab shaft

Figure 1: Three Types of the Push Swab Series

Technology Data

Applicability in Developing countries

    The Push Swab technology is highly applicable in developing countries, especially in environments where access to clean water is challenging. Since no water preparation is necessary, it can be used effectively in areas with limited access to clean water, ensuring infection control measures can be implemented even in resource-constrained settings.

    Technology Data

    Active ingredient: 10% povidone-iodine solution (10 mg as effective iodine) is packaged in a separate pocket for standard Push Swabs. Based on the requests from customers, different types of solutions could be injected.

    Available in three types: 1.5mL (No.12, 1 piece), 3.0mL (No.12, 2 pieces), 5.0mL (No.13, 1 piece)

    Sales Record

    Monthly sales in Japan: approximately 489.000 pouches (14,670 boxes)

    International markets: Côte d’Ivoire, Kenya, Singapore, etc.

    Company Data

    Name Hakuzo Medical Corporation
    Address 2-4-9, Tokuicho, Chuo-ku, Osaka 540-0025, Japan
    Number of employees 272 (as of March 2023)
    International offices

    Bangkok, Thailand


    Contact person(s)

    Contact person(s)

    Name: Mr. Seiji NISHINOME
    TEL: +81-80-6187-2869

    Modality of business transaction

    Direct Investment

    The company would like to explore investing in a new manufacturing facility.

    Export of Product

    The company would like to establish a local distributor to export and sell our finished products.

    Other Form of Partnership

    The company would like to find a manufacturer to compensate for our product portfolio.


    Schematic illustration of the technology

    Webpage of the product:

    Contact Person(s)

    Mr. Seiji NISHINOMEE-mail:

    *Please mention that you saw UNIDO's website when making the first contact with the company.

    Registered Category

    • Human Health Technologies : Public health