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Radar Type River Water Level Transmitter

Radar Type River Water Level Transmitter

Matsushima Measure Tech Co., Ltd.

Online River Water Level Monitoring&Flood Warning by Radar Type River Water Level Transmitter

Radar Type River Water Level Transmitter is the non-contact type measuring instrument which shall be mounted above the river (no need to be submerged in the river water) and therefore no risks to be damaged by the river conditions, and furthermore, it provides stable measurement without any influence from the weather conditions because of the characteristic of electromagnetic wave principle. (see Fig. 1)

                                                           Fig. 1 Measuring principle of the level

Matsushima Measure Tech “MWLM series” with its high efficiency MIC (Microwave Integrated Circuit) and signal conditioning system realizes such stable continuous river water level monitoring even under typhoon, storm, heavy rain, etc.

                                   Fig. 2 Images of Radar River Water Level Transmitter “MWLM series”

Major Features and Advantages

  • Stable monitoring under any severe weather conditions (no interference by wind and rain)
  • Long lifetime because of the non-contact principle
  • Real-time online monitoring and alert function depend on customer’s request
  • Waterproof and dust proof (with cover)
  • Connection with solar cell for off-grid operation

Product video (Japanese):

Technology Data

Technology data

Possible applications

  • Online real-time monitoring of river water level and issuance of flood warning
    Our water level transmitter is securely and easily installed to bridges and other structures.

                                                   Fig. 3 Application of the level transmitter in the river

  • Other various locations at dams, ponds, sewage works, etc. for water level monitoring

                                           Fig. 4 Application of the level transmitter in various locations

Competitive advantage

  • No risks of damage by river conditions because it can be mounted above the river (no need to be submerged in the river water)
  • Long measurement range (max. 20m)
  • Fine beam directivity (narrow beam angle 8deg.)
  • No influence from weather conditions because the radar (electromagnetic wave) system never be affected by air conditions
    For example, the reflection signal of Ultrasonic Level Transmitter damps around 30% under 10m/sec. velocity wind (damps over 40% under 20m/sec. wind) and the measurement becomes unstable, but Radar signal (electromagnetic wave) never be damped.
  • Simple and easy commissioning and besides online remote adjustment possible


    Please kindly refer to the table below. Warranty is N years.

                                                                        Table 1 Technical specification

    Technical maturity / Past record of introduction

    MWLM Series Radar River Water Level Transmitter is the state-of-the-art technology in the field of river water level monitoring. In Japan, 50 transmitters have been successfully installed to the domestic rivers: Kanda River, Mogami River, Odawara River, Tomita River, Kinzan River, Onga River, Chikuma River, etc.
    All of them have been working (measuring real time river water level) continuously 24 hours 365 days a year without any fault.

    【NETIS registered product】
    The level transmitter has been registered to the New Technology Information System
    (NETIS) operated by the government of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure,
    Transportation and Tourism, Japan.

    Information on patent related to this technology


    Company Data

    Company data

    Name Matsushima Measure Tech Co., Ltd.
    Address 1-8-18 Norimatsu Higashi, Yahatanishi-ku, Kitakyushu-shi, 807-0837 Japan
    Capital 35 mllion JPY (as of September 1, 2022)
    Contact person

    Mr. Kazuhito MAEDA
    Tel: +81-93-691-3731
    Corporate website:

    Number of employees 120 (as of September 1, 2022)
    Date of company foundation June 10, 1946
    The type of business

    Design, development, manufacturing and sales of industrial sensors and system.

    • Level measurement instruments and systems
    • Dust monitoring sensors
    • Belt conveyor safety sensors

    International operation

    Number of employees for international operation 
    Overseas offices

    City, Country Name of Company (if applicable)
    Seoul, Korea Representative office
    Shanghai, China Shanghai Dahong Matsushima Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Modality of business transaction

    – Find a local distributor.
    – In some countries, we have local distributors which sell analyzers and monitoring equipment for heavy industries. Level transmitter for river water can be sold through such sales network.

    Product export
    – Direct export to final users.


    Schematic illustration of the technology

    Contact Person(s)

    Mr. Kazuhito MAEDAE-mail:

    *Please mention that you saw UNIDO's website when making the first contact with the company.

    Registered Category

    • Disaster Management Technologies : Disaster alert systems