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JIAT X ‘KIREIKUKAN’: Long-lasting Disinfectant Consists of Hypochlorous Acid Solution

JIAT X ‘KIREIKUKAN’: Long-lasting Disinfectant Consists of Hypochlorous Acid Solution

Solar Wind Technology inc., KANKYO BUNKA KENKYUSHO Co., Ltd., Aga Material Co., Ltd.

Anti-bacterial and Deodorant
Solution That Is Perfectly Harmless to Human and Animals 
J IAT X “KIREIKUKAN” is a brand-new anti-bacterial and deodrant solution that supersedes alcohol. It consists of aqueous hypochlorous acid (HClO solution) that is manufactured with patented method and water.
Although the solution is perfectly harmless to human body or animals, it not only eliminates bacteria but also deodorize the space. It can be economical as it can be supplied in stock liquid for dilution.

Major Features and Advantages

We refine pure aqueous hypochlorous acid which has no impurities by a patented technology so called “Electrostatic field filtration method” (patent No. 6230079)
(1) The product contains no salt or unreacted substances.
(2) Bactericidal and deodorant effect of the product can be kept for a long period (manufacturer warranty for 1 year).
(3) It permeates well and starts working immediately after application.

                                         Fig. 1 Image of JIAT X: hypochlorous acid aqueous solution

Technology Data

Possible applications

JIAT X eliminates mold and norovirus which alcohol can’t remove, and moreover it exercises excellent deodorant effect. JIAT X can be sprayed to places where people gather, and realizes required public hygiene level at those places where conventional sodium hypochlorite solution can’t be applied. In Japan, JIAT X is widely used in hospitals, nursing homes, day cares, hotels, wedding halls, plant factories, pet shops, veterinary clinics, taxis and many other places. It is also perfect for sterilizing children’s personal items in countries where child mortality is high. The product is easy to handle and ender for skin as it contains no alcohol.
Fig. 2 shows the properties of JIAT X and other conventional methods. JIAT X can be superior to other methods in terms of both safety and antibacterial power.
                                                                     Fig.2 Applicability of JIAT X

Competitive advantage

Our patented method enabled manufacturing the product just by utilizing sodium hypochlorite (NaClO). Hence, production facility is very simple compared to factories of other manufacturers (see Fig. 3), which means excellent cost effectiveness with minimum initial cost.
           Fig. 3 Comparison of manufacturing method between JIAT X and conventional hypochlorous acid solution

Concentrated solution (around 600ppm of HClO) synthesized in Japan can be transported to sites. And then, it is diluted to practical use (100~200ppm of HClO) on site. The product keeps well in dark place with normal temperature for a year after production. JIAT X is exactly called ‘Pure aqueous acid” without any impurities: no salt (NaCl) and unreacted sodium hypochrolite are remained. This simple characteristic of the product is the key for application in many countries and areas.

                          Table 1 Comparison of bactericidal effect between JIAT X, NaClO solution and ethanol
Table 1 illustrates the effectiveness in eradicating most viruses and bacteria.

JIAT X products offer excellent functionality at a reasonable price (see Table 2). We can also ofer the concentrated solution to be diluted by users. Price negotiation would be possible.

                                                                   Table 2 Price of JIAT X products


It preserves well in dark place in normal temperature for a year after production. It inactivates major bacteria and virus in 60 seconds when used in 10 ppm solution. (2 million bacteria or virus are eliminated completely to zero).
The follwing test results (shown as Fig. 4 and 5) were examined by the Insitute of Toropocal Medicine in Nagasaki University.
                                                            Fig. 4 Anti-influenza virus activity test

In the first minute, it demonstrates high sterilizing power against influenza virus.

                                             Fig. 5 Anti-bovine papule stomatitis virus(BPSV) activity test

In the first minute, it demonstrates high sterilizing power against bovine papule stomatitis virus.

                                              Fig. 6 Chronological change in the concentration of free chlorine

JIAT X showed no change in hypochlorous acid concentration even after 3 months, even when stored in different containers, indicating that there is no problem with long-term storage. The manufacturer warranty period is one year after production.
Even when JIAT X was stored in a high temperature environment of 40 ° C., it was confirmed that hypochlorous acid remained, and high storage stability was also confirmed in a high temperature environment.

Technical maturity / Past record of introduction

We’ve been selling the product for more than 3 years. The monthly sales exceed 10,000 trigger sprayer bottles. Recently the market is spreading widely to those places where many different types of people get together such as public transportation, hospitals, children’s homes and many others. The sales for ordinary home are also increasing as a superior product that replaces usual anti-biotic products using alcohol or chlorine dioxide or other hypochlorite products. As the product is 100% harmless it is perfect for use in pet shops. It can be used for plants directly to prevent mold and mildews.
We receive various inquiries from ASEAN countries, South Korea, China and Middle East countries. Two staffs are engaged in this work. President Horiuchi has been engaging in proposal, business planning and lectures in renewable energy and environmental issues both domestically and internationally. He offers consultation for important persons or buyers from various countries (mostly developing countries) on those subjects.

Information on patent related to this technology

・Patent No. 6230079  
・Unexamined Patent Application Publication No. 2017-222535

Company Data


Solar Wind Technology inc., KANKYO BUNKA KENKYUSHO Co., Ltd., Aga Material Co., Ltd.


Powers STATION , 1-38-5, Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo JPN 151-0063 (Solar Wind Technology)
2-2 Iwakawamachi, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki,852-8106 (KANKYO BUNKA KENKYUSHO)
1-16-10 Abumi Nishi, Chuo-ku, Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture, Japan (Aga Material)


25 million JPY (Solar Wind Technology, as of 1st September, 2019)
1 million JPY (KANKYO BUNKA KENKYUSHO, as of 26th August, 2019)
5 million JPY (Aga Material, as of 1st September, 2019)

Contact person

Solar Wind Technology inc.
Mr. Tatsuhiko NAKAZAWA
Tel: +81-3-5465-5439

Number of employees

5 (Solar Wind Technology, as of 1st September, 2019)
1 (KANKYO BUNKA KENKUSHO, as of 26th August, 2019)
5 (Aga Material, as of 1st September, 2019)

Date of company foundation

11 June 1991 (Solar Wind Technology)
1 July 2013 (Aga Material)

The type of business

・Solar Wind Technology inc.,
As a think tank that is specialized in the field of renewable energy, energy saving and environmental improvement, we contribute in creation of enriched society through product development/sales, production and consulting
Manufacturing industry of bacteria elimination and deodorization
・Aga Material Co., Ltd.
Manufacturing industry of environmental device


International operation

Number of employees for international operation 


Overseas offices
City, Country Name of Company
(if applicable)

Modality of business transaction

We export concentrate of JIAT X to our local partner company who dilute the concentrate with purified water (using JIAT X dilution system), as well as repackaging and shipment of the diluted product. We consign sales of the product (including OEM contract) with the partner company.

Export of product
No plan of positioning a staff at site. The product will be exported from Japan for local sales.


Schematic illustration of the technology

                                         Fig. 7 Concentration of free chlorine in JIAT X (around 600ppm)

Corporate website of Solar Wind Tech inc., (written in Japanese)

Contact Person(s)

Mr. Tatsuhiko NAKAZAWAE-mail:

*Please mention that you saw UNIDO's website when making the first contact with the company.

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  • Human Health Technologies : Public health