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Hygiene Management: Photocatalytic Nano-coating Technology

Hygiene Management: Photocatalytic Nano-coating Technology


MEDICOAT: “Coat and Forget”  
Photocatalytic Nano-Coating
Technology Gives Antimicrobial coverage

CIRCULUS, CO., Ltd. has developed a revolutionary new technology called MEDICOAT that allows for round the clock antimicrobial coverage without daily maintenance. This so-called “coat and forget" technology provides enhanced sustainable antimicrobial defense at a much lower cost to business owners. MEDICOAT de-activates the influenza virus in just 15 seconds, and it also neutralizes Staphylococcus aureus, E. Coli, and Bacillus subtilis. One test carried out in a major international airport in Japan found that MEDICOAT-treated surfaces resulted in a greatly reduced bacterial presence when compared with non-treated surfaces. This result was even detected 28 months after initial application.

CIRCULUS will train clients on how to properly apply MEDICOAT, with local staff and technicians taking specialist training on MEDICOAT detection techniques to ensure quality control. It is billed as a benefit to local businesses and communities in both a public health and economic initiative.

Major Features and Advantages

teijin05I. Easy and effective
It can be applied directly onto anything from luggage racks to restrooms to information desks. It can either be sprayed or applied using a cloth to affected areas, such as door knobs. The nano-sized filler particles can seal micron-sized fissures that are undetectable to the naked eye, and a standard surface resistance meter can be used to make sure the surface has been adequately coated.

II. Proactive solution to communicable disease
A lot of money is spent on reactive solutions for hospital-acquired infections and communicable disease in public. However MEDICOAT can be a proactive solution to these threats. It also lowers the cost for facility managers, who don’t have to face large costs for hiring 24/7 decontamination specialists.  

Technology Data

Technology data

Conceivable applications

・Antimicrobial coverage without daily maintenance
 ”Coat and forget” technology provides round-the-clock antimicrobial coverage without the need for
 daily maintenance activities. This translates into an enhanced sustainable antimicrobial defense
 system with significant cost-reduction benefits to business owners

・Solution for combating Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI)
 Billions of dollars are spent each year on various strategies in response to hospital acquired
 infections (HAI) that are reactive, and not proactive, in nature. In contrast, MEDICOAT provides a
 solution for combating HAI grounded upon the solid notion of preventive strategies.

・Defense against transmission of communicable disease in public places
 Major airports and hubs for mass transit systems (e.g. train stations, bus depots, etc.) serve as
 potent grounds for the spread of communicable disease. MEDICOAT acts as an active first line of
 defense against the transmission of communicable disease without imposing upon facility managers
 the monumental costs of hiring round-the-clock personnel tasked with decontamination efforts.

          CIRCULUS personnel shown applying MEDICOAT to airport luggage carts.

kix01          Application of MEDICOAT to information counter at KIX.

teijin05          CIRCULUS personnel applying MEDICOAT for prevention of hospital
          acquired illnesses in emergency hospital.

k_toilet          Restrooms are well-known environments that enable the spread
          of communicable disease and therefore serve as an excellent
          strategic platform to target with MEDICOAT.


How to apply MEDICOAT (doorknob used as example):

      1. MEDICOAT coating solutions

         MEDICOAT consists of two coating solutions.


     2. Application step 1

        Apply coating solution No. 1 to a clean cloth.


     3. Application step 2

        Apply reagent No. 1 to surface of interest by
        “wiping on” coating solution.


     4. Prepare spray gun for application of coating
         solution No. 2

         Pour solution No. 2 into spray gun canister.


     5. Application of solution No. 2

       Spray solution No. 2 onto target surface and let dry
       for 30 seconds.


     6. Quality assurance

        For quality assurance, use an (electrostatic) surface
        resistance meter to ensure that the desired target
        surface has been properly coated.


     7. (Optional) Bacterial quantification

        Use the bacterial quantification kit to examine bacterial
        load on coated/uncoated surfaces.


Competitive advantage

While an ocean of photocatalytic coating materials exist on today’s market, CIRCULUS’s nano-coating offers the following competitive advantages:

・Photocatalytic seal by filling micron-sized fissures on surfaces
In order to maximize the utility of MEDICOAT’s physical and substance properties, our photocatalytic particles are specifically designed to a uniform size pattern of 1-10 nm. These nano-sized filler particles effectively seal micron-sized fissures on surfaces that are undetectable to the naked eye.

・Antibacterial protection under minimum/no light conditions
MEDICOAT is effective under both diurnal and nocturnal conditions. This is achieved via a unique blend of photocatalytic titanium dioxide (for daytime/light condition use) combined with silver and platinum nanoparticles to offer antibacterial protection under minimum/no light conditions.

・Detectable nano-coating with a standard (electrostatic) surface resistance meter
Nano-coating is invisible and cannot be observed without the aid of a microscope. Therefore, the task of confirming where a nano-coating material has been successfully applied is exceedingly difficult. In order to enhance the capability of clients to check for where the nano-coating has been applied, MEDICOAT has been specifically engineered to be detectable with a standard (electrostatic) surface resistance meter.


Effectively inactivates the influenza virus in 15 seconds (third party testing carried out by Shokukanken Laboratory).

Neutralizes Staphylococcus aureus, E. Coli, Bacillus subtilis (third party testing carried out by the Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Shizuoka, Japan).

After coating various surfaces in a major international airport in Japan, the MEDICOAT treated surfaces had a significantly reduced bacterial load in comparison with non-treated surfaces even after 28 months from initial application (third party testing carried out by the Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Shizuoka, Japan). 



Technical maturity / Past record of introduction

Past record of introduction within Japan:

・Tokyo International Airport (2010, 2011, 2014)
Kansai International Airport (2010,2011,2012)
Ichihara Municipal emergency medical treatment center (2011)
Ichihara City Hall (2011)
Nikko Hotel Kansai International Airport (2011)
Osaka Municipal subway transit system (2013)
Yotsuba nursing care facility (2016)
Tenjuen nursing care facility (2016)
Amano Jitsugyo food processing plant (2014)
Yotsuba daycare service center

Information on patent related to this technology

International patents pending.

Company Data

Company data

Name  CIRCULUS, Co., Ltd.
Address  4-9-25 Shintoyo Akasaka Bldg. 4F, Akasaka, Minato-ku,
 Tokyo 107-0052
Capital  JPY 117 million (as of February 7, 2018)
Contact person

 Ms. Ihoko Tada 

 Tel.: +81(0)3-6455-4443
 Fax: +81(0)3-6455-4445


Number of employees  11 (as of February 7, 2018)
Date of company foundation  April, 1996
The type of business Photocatalytic nano-coating and anti-microbial solutions                              

Modality of business transaction

Initially, CIRCULUS will provide training and expertise, along with nano-coating materials and instructions on how to properly apply the MEDICOAT system. Additionally, local staff and technicians will undergo specialist training on MEDICOAT detection techniques utilizing surface static resistance meters. Training and implementation will last a predetermined period of time to ensure proper quality control. Upon its successful completion, technology transfer and active collaboration between CIRCULUS and local partners will follow, enabling the full exploitation of MEDICOAT’s unique properties into novel products and processes. It will benefit local businesses and communities in an economic and public health context, respectively.


Schematic illustration of the technology

Published articles and TV news – Photocatalytic Nano-coating applied at Kansai International Airport

Articles on Magazine “Aviation Security International”

・TV News

Contact Person(s)

Ms. Ihoko TadaE-mail:

*Please mention that you saw UNIDO's website when making the first contact with the company.

Registered Category

  • Environmental Technologies : Pollution Prevention and Control
  • Human Health Technologies : Public health