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A new environmental technology on the database (Photocatalytic Nano-coating Technology)

A new environmental technology on the database (Photocatalytic Nano-coating Technology)


CIRCULUS’s nano-coating offers an easy and effective application as followed:

・Antimicrobial coverage without daily maintenance
 ”Coat and forget” technology provides round-the-clock antimicrobial coverage without the need for
 daily maintenance activities. This translates into an enhanced sustainable antimicrobial defense
 system with significant cost-reduction benefits to business owners

・Solution for combating Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI)
 Billions of dollars are spent each year on various strategies in response to hospital acquired
 infections (HAI) that are reactive, and not proactive, in nature. In contrast, MEDICOAT provides a
 solution for combating HAI grounded upon the solid notion of preventive strategies.

・Defense against transmission of communicable disease in public places
 Major airports and hubs for mass transit systems (e.g. train stations, bus depots, etc.) serve as
 potent grounds for the spread of communicable disease. MEDICOAT acts as an active first line of
 defense against the transmission of communicable disease without imposing upon facility managers
 the monumental costs of hiring round-the-clock personnel tasked with decontamination efforts.


      CIRCULUS personnel shown applying MEDICOAT to airport luggage carts.