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Water treatment (Biochemical water treatment): Water Treatment with Bakture System

Water treatment (Biochemical water treatment): Water Treatment with Bakture System

RBC Consultant Co., Ltd.

Biochemical Water Treatment     
with Bakture System
for Multiple Applications

RBC Consultant Co., Ltd. offers a water treatment plan with activator referred to as “Bakture Powder.” With the ability to be utilized in multiple applications, its use is approved for the following; river purification, lake and pond purification, wastewater treatment for the food and fish processing industries, wastewater treatment for restaurant and commercial facilities, and domestic waste water treatment.

The study of microbes led to the discovery of the Bakture System. Being the world’s first such technology, Bakture Powder is produced via the company’s original manufacturing method. Bakture Powder activates the existing microbe, so that the microscopic food chain can be revived in water.

Major Features and Advantages

I. Cost Efficiency

Only 30 ppm. (3 kg of Bakture Powder for 100 tons of water) is needed for water treatment. A little goes a long way, reducing the price tag for water treatment drastically.

II. Environmentally Friendly

This material is comprised of porous volcanic lapillus powder ceramic. Any environmental pollutants are degraded without the use of any power.

III. Simple Operation

Bakture Powder is easy to use with no need for fancy or expensive equipment. Although some knowledge and knowhow is required to examine suitable water condition and water flow, it can simply be scattered in the water.

IV. Multiple Uses

Bakture Powder is effective for odor control and water treatment. With Bakture Powder, there is a wide range of water sources in which it can be used. These sources include rivers, lakes, ponds, sewage, industrial wastewater and fish farms. It can also be used for soil treatment, making it a good match for the agriculture sector.

V. Decreases Chemical Output

Bakture Powder can speed up decomposition and purification by microbes in a series of food chains. The result is a decrease in biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), chemical oxygen demand (COD), total nitrogen (TN) and total phosphorous (TP). Improvements in the transparency of the water are realized as a result.

RBC Consultant Co., Ltd. developed this technology in 1993 and commercialized it in 1996. In Japan, it has been used in the purification of more than 200 rivers and lakes, and in 10 industrial wastewater plants. It has also been applied in a fish farm in Thailand, industrial waste water plant in China and a hog farm in Vientiane Province to name a few.

Technology Data

Conceivable applications

Water treatment with activator called “Bakture Powder” can be utilized in multiple applications, such as: River purification, Lake/pond purification, Wastewater treatment for food industry and fish processing, Wastewater treatment for restaurant and commercial facilities, Domestic waste water treatment. 

Competitive advantage

World’s first technology, ‘Bakture system’ was discovered by the study of microbes.
We produced ‘Bakture Powder’ by the original manufacturing method.
It activates the existing microbe and the microscopic food chain can be revived in water. The environmental pollutants are degraded without any power.

Wide applicable range: River, Pond, Lake, Sewage Treatment, Industrial wastewater, Odor Control, Fish farm

Simple method: Just scattered in the water, No special skill and facilities needed.

Cost performance: Use only 30 ppm. 3 kg of Bakture powder for 100 tons of water.

Environment-friendly; Material-Porous volcanic lapillus powder ceramic

Therefore, Bakture system is cost-efficient.


Water quality purification using “Bakture Powder” enhances the capability of decomposition and purification by microbes in a series of food chain, decreases Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and Chemical oxygen demand (COD), and reduces Total nitrogen (TN) and Total Phosphorous (TP), thereby improving the transparency of the water.

Industrial wastewater; A food company in Japan


Technical maturity / Past record of introduction

Developed in 1993
Commercialized in 1996

Past performances
・Purification of a river or a lake : More than 200 locations
・Treatment of industrial wastewater : About 10 plants

■Other countries;
Korea; Land water(River in Soul) 
China; Industrial waste water
Thailand; Fish farm
Laos- Vientiane City phongthong ; Soil and underground water, Sewage
 – Vientiane Province ; Hog farm(Pig pen, the sewage treating basin)
 – Xiengkhuang Province ; Soil and underground water
 – Changphasak ; Soil and underground water
USA, Australia, Canada, England ; sold the products via internet 

Conceivable risk

Outflow of Bakture powder by a natural disaster when it operated in river, pond.
Improper amount of Bakture powder applied 

Information on patent related to this technology

Japan patent acquisition Patent No. : 2903359
[Water elutriating agent and its production method]

Japan patent acquisition Patent No. : 4502772

NETIS [New Technology Information System / Ministry of Land] 

Company Data

Name  RBC Consultant Co., Ltd.
Address  478-3 Takanoyamanishi,
 Tsuyama, Okayama, 708-1124
Capital  JPY 48,000,000
Contact person  Mr. Makoto Ono
 Tel.:    +81-868-26-5205
Number of employees  16 (including 1 for international operation)
Date of company foundation  March 1st , 1974 
The type of business -Engineering solution provider for wastewater
-Environmental engineering                                              


Modality of business transaction

We are looking for business partners who specialize in the field of water treatment and who are interested in the manufacturing of our products.

Export of product
We are looking for buyers of our product. We believe that our product, Bakture system, provides the best solutions for water treatment in natural environment and industries. 


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Ms. Chigusa SUGIYAMAE-mail:

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  • Agribusiness Technologies : Production enhancement