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Earthquake Sensor Alarm Device “EQ guard”

Earthquake Sensor Alarm Device “EQ guard”


How to Save People from Earthquake

When an earthquake occurs, it detects the seismic wave and issues an alarm to enable evacuation. At the same time, a control signal is sent to the elevator and equipment to enable an emergency stop.
Earthquake sensor alarm device has sensor Inside. It detects P-wave and issue alarm immediately. Therefore, people can evacuate before big shaking arrives.
This device has specialized software to distinguish between earthquake and living noise generated close to this device, which prevents from the issuing of erroneous alarm. Earthquake sensor alarm device issue alarm by selected language from 11 languages, Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, Persian, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Arabic. This device can display the seismic intensity of each observation point on the map at real-time. Control signals of this device can be issued to shut down chemical plants, nuclear facilities beforehand. This device can save people’s life and infrastructure.

                                                             Fig. 1 Images of "EQ Guard"

Major Features and Advantages

  1. EQ guard can work as a stand-alone, and also can work as a local network with several installations.
  2. It is possible to construct a regional earthquake alarm system by making Network of EQ guard.
  3. This system works without nation-wide dense seismometer network.
  4. Specialized algorithm discriminates seismic events from living noise.

Technology Data

Technology data

Possible applications

    EQ guard has the built-in accelerometer (MEMS sensor). In the event of an earthquake, preliminary tremors (P waves) are detected by the sensor and an alarm is issued immediately, allowing people to evacuate before major shaking (S waves) occurs. At the same time, it sends out control signals, stops elevators and machines, and prevents damage. (see Fig. 2)

                                                                      Fig. 2 Principle of alert system

    Competitive advantage

    EQ guard is very useful for many countries. Many devices are only for observation.
    EQ guard can not only observe earthquake but also issue alarm and conduct evacuation drill by embedded software.
    We can construct a regional earthquake alarm system by low cost and short period.
    We developed an algorithm that uses the following parameters to discriminate seismic events from noise.

    1) Predominant frequency.
    2) Time duration in which peak amplitudes become larger than a threshold level.
    3) Number of zero crossings.
    4) Seismic intensity in JMA scale.


      Alarm, Display, Control signal to equipment, Networking, Evacuation drill.

      Function of  EQ guard:

      1. Detection: EQ guard detects initial small vibration(P-wave) of Earthquake
      2. Alarm: Issues alarm immediately
      3. Display: Shows the information of earthquake at user PC
      4. Control: Control signal can contact facilities such as elevator, machine at factory.
      5. Networking: It can make the regional alarm system by use networking of EQ guard.

      Evacuation drill: It can conduct evacuation drill by pushing Test button

      Product brochure of “EQ Guard-III:

      Technical maturity / Past record of introduction

      Customers: 1,000 sets installed.
      ・Government and local government
      ・School, company, factory, hotel and apartment
      ・Construction company, maintenance company and insurance company

      In Japan: School, kindergartens, hospital etc.
      Overseas: Indonesia, Korea, Turkey, Romania, Ghana, Kazakhstan

      Challenge Co., Ltd. has been a member of UNDRR’s ARISE:

      Information on patent related to this technology

      Japan Patent

      Company Data

      Company data

      Name CHALLENGE Co., Ltd.
      Address Livera Shinokachimachi 4F, 2-14-4, Kojima, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 111-0056 Japan
      Capital 15 million JPY (1 July, 2022)
      Contact person

      Mr. Kazuo SASAKI
      Tel: +81-3-5809-2304
      Corporate website:

      Number of employees 5 (1 July, 2022 )
      Date of company foundation 24 April, 2009
      Type of business Development, manufacturing and wholesale of disaster-/security-related products as well as systems

      International operation

      Number of employees for international operation 
      Overseas offices

      City, Country Name of Company (if applicable)
      N//A N/A

      Modality of business transaction

      We plan to find a local partner company to use as a sales agent, and sell our product.

      Export of product
      We would like to export and sell products from Japan without having local staff.


      Schematic illustration of the technology

      You Tube corporate account:

      Contact Person(s)

      Mr. Kazuo SASAKIE-mail:

      *Please mention that you saw UNIDO's website when making the first contact with the company.

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      • Disaster Management Technologies : Disaster alert systems