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Morocco: STePP Industrial Vocational Training Programme in Africa

Morocco: STePP Industrial Vocational Training Programme in Africa



Decentralized wastewater treatment system with microbubble generators(Hinode Sangyo Co., Ltd.)

Wastewater treatment is becoming an increasingly prevalent issue in many developing countries, such as Morocco, where lack of adequate sewage treatment facilities and discharge of untreated sewage have persisted. This has resulted in water pollution, which has had a significant negative impact on health and the environment, including contamination of drinking water resources, spread of diseases, and adverse effects on agricultural production.

In addition, wastewater treatment problems are becoming more acute as urban populations increase in these countries. Sewage networks in many cities have not kept pace with demand, leading to unsanitary conditions persisting especially in areas inhabited by the poor. These problems not only increase public health risks, but also create obstacles to economic development and widen inequalities. Thus, there are increasing calls for a comprehensive approach to improve wastewater treatment to achieve sustainable urban development.

Project Overview
Recognizing the current situation of wastewater treatment in Morocco, UNIDO ITPO Tokyo will invite two trainees from Morocco to Japan, and with the support of Hinode Sangyo Co., Ltd., provide a 2-week training program on promoting wastewater treatment facilities using the Hinode Microbubble Generator (HMB). The program will include lectures on the HMB technology, observation of actual equipment, and maintenance methods of facilities that have installed the HMB. The program takes the form of “Training of Trainers (ToT)”, where the two trainees will return to their home countries and disseminate their acquired knowledge by training local practitioners involved in wastewater treatment (such as private companies, NGOs, and approximately 100 young industrial trainees).

This program aims to contribute to the development of human resources and technological innovation needed to achieve Morocco’s urban sewerage plan, which include reducing regional and social disparities, and supporting the development of water infrastructure needed for livelihoods and public health. In addition, through training programs for private companies and young industrial trainees, the program is expected to facilitate business development and job creation in Morocco, as water infrastructure acts as a crucial foundation for the agriculture and fisheries industries. Moreover, the program includes a plan to promote behavioural change concerning sanitation through observation of wastewater treatment facilities and their maintenance in Japan, which is expected to serve as a basis required to sustain the countries long-term development of human resources and infrastructure for wastewater management.

Project Details


Kingdom of Morocco

Project Partners

Hinode Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Local partner TBA

Key Results

To be added once the program is completed

Company Overview

Company Name

Hinode Sangyo Co., Ltd.



〒224-0053 Nagase Building, Ikenobecho 3854, Tsuzuki Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture


JPY 20 million


Mrs. Kaori FUJITA
Phone Number: 045-507-3031

Business Description

Manufacture and sale of wastewater treatment chemicals; planning, design, manufacture, installation, maintenance of wastewater treatment facilities; water quality analysis; microbiological analysis

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