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Electrolyzed Water Generator Incorporated with Ion Exchange Membrane

Electrolyzed Water Generator Incorporated with Ion Exchange Membrane


Electrolyzed Water Generator Incorporated with Ion Exchange Membrane for Disinfectant and Washing Water for Oils and Fats


lectrolysis of aqueous salt (sodium chloride) solution in an electrolytic cell using a special separation membrane produces acidic electrolyzed water. Hypochlorous acid contained in acidic electrolyzed water has a bactericidal effect. Introduce this generator to food processing factories and health care facilities to sterilize equipment etc.

Ion exchange membrane (FORBLUETM S-SERIES)

Ion exchange membrane (FORBLUETM S-SERIES)



Acidic electrolyzed water generator (KEW-A009)

Electrolyzed water generator (KEW-A009)

Major Features and Advantages

Ion exchange membrane:

FORBLUETM S-SERIES is a cation exchange membrane made of fluororesin originally developed by AGC and has the following advantages.

  • FORBLUETM S-SERIES is a cation exchange membrane with a sulfonic acid group.
  • High cation-selective permeability for effective electrolysis or electro-dialysis.
  • All materials that make up the membrane (including the reinforcing fabric) are made from fluorinated resins; as a result robust chemical resistance is ensured.
  • The membrane is reinforced by special PTFE fabric and has high strength and is easy to handle.
  • We have several types (dry/wet) and grades of membrane.

Electrolyzed water generator (developed by KANAZAWA INDUSTRY CO.,LTD):
As an electrolyzed water generator, it has the following advantages.

  • The generated acid electrolyzed water is practically free from salt (sodium chloride), so less rust is generated on a metal surface of equipment, compared to hypochlorite water that contains salt.
  • Running cost is low because electrolyzed water is generated only by water, salt and electricity without using special chemicals.
  • The alkaline electrolyzed water generated as a by-product can be used for washing oil and fat components out by emulsification before the disinfection using acid electrolyzed water.

Technology Data

Possible applications

Disinfect and detergent equipment in medical/nursing facilities, food processing plants (fisheries, agriculture, meat, etc.) with acidic electrolyzed water and alkaline electrolyzed water. Acidic electrolyzed water is known to be effective against COVID-19, Gram-positive bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus), Gram-negative bacteria (Escherichia coli), fungi, etc., which cause infectious diseases. It is a useful technique to prevent the spread of infection and the spread of damage.

Competitive advantage

Ion exchange membrane:

  • High selectivity for cations.
  • Designed by incorporating a special PTFE reinforcing cloth into a thick polymer layer.
  • High film strength and handleability.

Electrolyzed water generator:

Kanazawa Industry Co., Ltd.’s electrolyzed water generator uses a three-chamber electrolyzer and has three features. Using salt (sodium chloride (NaCl) or potassium chloride (KCl)) and water as raw materials, Acidic electrolyzed water (containing hypochlorous acid) and alkaline electrolyzed water are generated.

  • Since both the electrolyzed waters are practically free from salt, they can cause less rust on a metal surface of equipment than hypochlorite water containing salt.
  • The electrolyzed waters can be generated only with aqueous salt solution and electricity.
  • The alkaline electrolyzed water can be used for emulsifying and cleaning out oil and fat components.


Ion exchange membrane:


Electrolyzed water generator:

Other specifications:

  • Size: length 359mm × width 205mm × hight 351mm
  • Weight: approximately 10 kg
  • Electricity: AC100V, 150W (convertible to other types at request)

Technical Maturity / Past record of introduction

Ion exchange membrane:

FORBLUETM is AGC brand of separation solutions for various chemicals. New addition to this family is FORBLUETM S-SERIES—fluorinated sulfonic acid ion exchange membranes for a wide variety of electrolysis and electrodialysis processes.

Electrolyzed water generator:

Kanazawa Industry Co., Ltd. takes over this technology from TOSHIBA in 2018.

Information on patent related to this technology

Ion exchange membrane: JP 2019-85548


Company Data



AGC Inc.


1663 Onanuma, Koga-shi, Ibaraki, 306-0226 Japan (KANAZAWA INDSUTRY)

1-5-1, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8405 JAPAN (AGC)


98 million yen. (KANAZAWA INDUSTRY, as of 31 December, 2019)

90,873 million yen. (AGC, as of 31 December, 2019)

Contact person

Position: Executive officer, Engineering Department
TEL: +81-280-92-3033

Dr. Masaaki OKABE (AGC)
Position: Professional, SDGs Division, Corporate Planning General Division
TEL: +81-80-2110-1391

Corporate website:

Number of employees

180 (KANAZAWA INDUSTRY, as of 31 March, 2020)

6,998 (AGC, as of 31 December, 2019)

Date of company foundation


8 September, 1907 (AGC)

The type of business

Acidic Electrolyzed Water Generator etc. (KANAZAWA INDUSTRY)

Glass, Electronics, Chemicals and Ceramics (AGC)


International operation

Number of employees for international operation 


40,000 (AGC)

Overseas Officers (AGC) City, Country Name of Company (if applicable)


AGC Asia Pacific Pte., Ltd., Regional headquarters for Southeast Asia


AGC Asia Pacific (India) Pvt. Ltd

Other Asia

35 bases


AGC Middle East & Africa FZCO


16 bases


13 bases

Modality of business transaction


We will make a contract with a local partner company as a sales agent for the electrolyzed water generator using our ion exchange membrane and outsource the sales of the device.

Export of Product

Directly export and sell products from Japan without going through a local dealer.


Schematic illustration of the technology

AGC S-series English Pamphlet

Contact Person(s)

Dr. Masaaki OKABE (AGC)E-mail:

*Please mention that you saw UNIDO's website when making the first contact with the company.

Registered Category

  • Agribusiness Technologies : Food value chain
  • Human Health Technologies : Public health