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Delegate Programme: Cuba

Delegate Programme: Cuba

UNIDO ITPO Tokyo invited Ms. Lizbet DIAZ GARCIA, Director for Business with Foreign Capital of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Investment (MINCEX) for a week from 31 May to 8 June 2024, in order to introduce the investment climate and opportunities in Cuba.

Ms. Diaz’s Profile

Ms. Diaz has worked for the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Investment since 2010, particularly specialized in foreign trade and investment. She has been serving as the Director of Foreign Investment since 2022.

Ms. Diaz’s Activities during the Delegate Programme 

During her stay in Japan, Ms. Diaz joined the “Cuba Business and Investment Seminar” hosted in Tokyo to promote business and investment in Cuba, attended by 81 participants. During the seminar, she gave a report on the foreign investment status in Cuba and introduced potential sectors to invest. For more detail on the seminar, please see the Event Report page. In addition, Ms. Diaz visited FOOMA JAPAN, the world’s leading food processing expo, to explore potential business between Japan and Cuba on food processing sector.

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Contact Information 

UNIDO ITPO Tokyo (Attn: Ms. Fukuyama)