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Press-in Method (Piling technology) with “SILENT PILER™"

Press-in Method (Piling technology) with “SILENT PILER™"


Press-in Technology,  Construction Revolution and Disaster Reduction Technology

【SILENT PILER™ and Press-in Method】


IKEN manufactures a piling machine called SILENT PILER™ and offers various construction technologies with the Press-in Method, to worldwide. The SILENT PILER characteristics, including but not limited to, low noise, low vibration, and compactness, which allow to work in constrained areas, such as overwater, restricted headroom, and construction sites along existing buildings.

One of the representative Press-in Methods, Non-Staging Method, provides benefit to the total construction work as it allows the installation of piles without a temporary stage, and hence reduces the construction cost and period.

【Press-in Principle】
The SILENT PILER grips the previously installed piles with the hydraulically operated Clamps. The next pile is then gripped by the Chuck at the press-in point and jacked into the ground with the static load generated by the hydraulic rams.

During the jacking, penetration resistance comprising of skin friction, toe resistance and interlock resistance occurs. It has the effect to convert a press-in force to a reactive lifting force but it is a greater force, provided by the extraction resistance of the reaction piles that resist this. Consequently, the down-stroke force acts on the pile to penetrate the ground.

Fig. 1 Press-in Principle

Major Features and Advantages

  1. Press-in Method will not generate environmental pollution from construction such as noise and vibration.
  2. SILENT PILER is so light and compact that its extent of the piling activities can be minimised.
  3. Pre-fabricated piles produced at the plant are pressed in directly, so high-quality completed piles can be built with peace of mind.
  4. Multiple sets of compact machines and apparatuses can be used at the same time to greatly shorten the construction period.
  5. Speedy piling progress is available, because there are least limits in working hours even at highly restricted areas and night works.
  6. All machines are so compact that it is not necessary completely close active traffics.
  7. The performance of piles can be checked and controlled during the construction, allowing high-quality completed piles to be built.

Fig. 2 Non-staging Method

Fig. 3 Overhead Clearance Method

Fig. 4 Zero Clearance Method

Fig. 5 Hard Ground Press-in Method

Fig. 6 Gyropress Method™

Technology Data

Possible applications

【Environmental Load Reduction】
Prevent environmental pollution such as noise and vibration.
Reference: Summary of Technology / Product

【No impact on the surrounding environment】
Minimize site acquisition and relocation.
Reference: Major Features and Advantages

【Disaster Risk Reduction and Restoration】
・Design and Construction of Resilient Implant™ Wall.
・Resilient River Revetment and Seawall.
・Disaster-prevention Levee against Earthquakes and Tsunamis.
・Disaster-prevention Berth by Pre-loaded Cantilevered Quay Wall.
・Seismic Isolation Technology against Liquefaction.
・Seismic Reinforcement on Road, Railways and Bridge.
・Restraining Wall for Landslide Prevention.

  Fig. 7 Construction of seawall 
Fig. 8 Construction of highway and seawall

Fig. 9 Protection form natural disaster

Competitive advantage

  1. Press-in Method won’t generate environmental pollution such as noise and vibration.
  2. Non-Staging Method can solve some construction problems.
    ・No Temporary Structures are Required.
    ・It can work in Tight Conditions where Conventional Methods are Difficult.
    ・Respectful of the Surrounding Area.
    ・Excellent Safety with No Risk of Overturning.
  3. Construction of structural wall under headroom restriction site is possible without impacting the surrounding environment, i.e. Traffic by using Overhead Clearance Method.
  4. Installation of piles by Press-in Method achieves high rigidity and retainability.

    Fig. 10 Comparison between Conventional Method
    Fig. 11 Comparison between Implant Structure and Gravity Structure


    e.g. SILENT PILER【Standard Model】 (Specification)
    Applicable sheet piles: U Sheet Pile 400, 500, 600mm etc.
    Max. Press-in Force: 800 kN
    Max. Extraction Force: 900 kN
    Stroke: 800 mm
    Press-in Speed: 2.5~35.7 meter/min
    Extraction Speed: 1.9~26.9 meter/min
    Control System: Radio Control
    Power Source: Diesel Engine (hydraulic pressure)
     ・Clean Emission in Compliance with Off-Road / Non-Road Law.
      (EEC97/68EC Stage IIIA and EPA/CARB Tier 3)
    ・Satisfying Ultra-Low Noise Standard. (Less than 64dB)
    ・Standard Application of Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil.

    Fig. 12 Hydraulic oil 

    Technical maturity / Past record of introduction

    Since the machine has been introduced to the market in 1975, Press-in Method has been adopted in more than 40 countries worldwide.
    We have manufactured approximately 4000 machines and exported to all over Japan and the world.
    Press-in Method has been adopted in the following countries;
    Senegal, Egypt, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Philippines, China, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Taiwan, Indonesia, Australia, USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Russia, Denmark and etc.

    Information on patent related to this technology

    Original patent was expired.

    Company Data

    Name GIKEN LTD.
    Address Kochi Head Office:
    3948-1 Nunoshida, Kochi-shi, Kochi, 781-5195 Japan
    Tokyo Head Office:
    16F Ariake Central Tower, 3-7-18 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 135-0063 Japan
    Capital 8,958 million Japanese Yen (as of 31 Aug 2023)
    Contact person Mr. Kensei YAMADA
    Corporate website:
    Number of employees 691 (as of 31 Aug 2023, total group employees)
    Date of company foundation January 1978 / Established in 1967
    The type of business Manufacturer of construction machinery【Main Business】
    ・Development of environmentally friendly construction solutions
    ・Manufacture and sales of construction machinery
    ・Development of automated underground facilities


    International operation

    Number of employees for international operation 
    66 (as of 1 Dec 2023)
    Overseas offices City, Country Name of Company (if applicable)
    Almere, Netherlands GIKEN EUROPE B.V.
    Berlin, Germany GIKEN EUROPE B.V.
    Bangkok, Thailand GIKEN SEISAKUSHO ASIA PTE., LTD.
    Shanghai, China Shanghai Office GIKEN LTD.

    Modality of business transaction

    1.     Sell ​​machines to local partner companies and provide guidance on press-in technology.
    2.     Use local partner companies as sales agents and consign the sales of our products.
    3.     Receive the order of the construction and construct.

    Contact Person(s)

    Mr. Kensei YAMADAE-mail:

    *Please mention that you saw UNIDO's website when making the first contact with the company.

    Registered Category

    • Agribusiness Technologies : Adaptation to climate change
    • Disaster Management Technologies : Disaster prevention and preparedness