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Water treatment (drinking water: Seawater): Desalination of seawater for drinking

Water treatment (drinking water: Seawater): Desalination of seawater for drinking

Nippon Basic Co., Ltd.




Conceivable applications

An equipment to create drinking water from seawater.

Competitive advantage

Desaliclean: excellent mobility
1. Portable. 2) Transportable. 3) Moderate price. 4) Easy operation. 5) Longevity of expensive RO filters is extended by the chemical cleaning apparatus purchased separately.

Technology Data

Technology data


Desaliclean D9000 can produce 500 liters of clean drinking water per hour from sea-water or brackish water by use of a gasoline engine. An electrical motor-driven Desaliclean is also available. Its dry weight is only 120 kg. It measures W 550 x D 1,500 x H 780 mm. It can be carried by 2 persons, or can be moved by rolling on its casters. The list price of the model Desaliclean D9000 in Japan is JPY 5.6 million. A smaller model, the Desaliclean D2501 is JPY 2.2 million.

Technical maturity

Past record of introduction of Desaliclean: 1 year
Japan, Bangladesh, Nigeria* (*underway)

Conceivable risk

Nothing particular

Information on patent related to this technology


Company Data

Company data

Name Nippon Basic Co., Ltd.
Address 767-2,Shinmaruko-cho,Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa-ken, Japan
Capital 30 million yen
Contact person Yuichi Katsuura (Mr.)
Tel: 044-738-2215, fax: 044-738-2216
Mobile: 090-9317-9260
Number of employees 3
Date of company foundation 2005
The type of business Water purifying equipment maker

International operation

Number of employees for international operation(including overseas operation, if any) 2(Japan)
Overseas offices* Dhaka, Bangladesh Desh-Bidesh Enterprise

* Overseas offices of alliance members and/or consortium members are also accepted.

Modality of business transaction

Offering distributorship and patents to our prospective assembly makers overseas.

Export of product
Selling products both in Japan and overseas markets targeting at BOP business.

Licensing of patent
Conferring of patents to prospective partners overseas.


Schematic illustration of the technology


Registered Category

  • Prevention & destruction of pollution : Ocean