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COLD STORAGE BOX Portable (Off-grid Model)

COLD STORAGE BOX Portable (Off-grid Model)

Cold Storage Japan Inc.

Movable Freezer Warehouse For
Establishment of Cold Chain


he system not only operates on utility power supply (100V to 260 V), but can also be used off-grid with its solar panels and batteries. The on-board battery can be used for purposes other than cooling (e.g., charging microwave ovens and cell phones). This means we could use cold storage anywhere you want, such as rural area, remote island or disaster area.  

A cold chain system can be introduced quickly and at low cost to areas that did not have a well-developed cold chain to effectively reduce food loss, improve the hygiene of stored food, enable the preservation and transportation of some distinct local ingredients and introduce them to the global market. The low-temperature warehousing can also store vaccines and medicines, which will ultimately enrich the life and improve the living conditions of the people. 


Major Features and Advantages

1. Trailer Shape Design

The product is built on a trailer, making it easy to move and use outdoors. This allows for flexibility as they can be easily moved to locations where demand arises. 

2. Utilization of external power supply

The product can be cooled outdoors by utilizing an external power supply (100-260V).  Most refrigerated containers use 220V or 440V, their power consumption is large and are difficult to use. Our products can be used with various voltages and can be used in diverse locations without the need for additional power supply construction. 

 3. Operated with solar power and battery

This feature is useful in environments where power supply is limited. The on-board battery can maintain cooling even in areas with no power supply. This allows for sustainable energy use and supports use in remote areas. 

 4. Wide temperature range support

The product operates over a wide temperature range, allowing for refrigeration and freezing in temperatures ranging from -25°C to 10°C. This allows for a wide variety of cooling needs. 

5. High workability

The doors at the side and rear make the work process easier and provide more room for operation, while a simple drain in and out allows for easy cleaning and hygiene when using warm water for washing. 

6. HACCP INTERNATIONL certifiedOptional

We also have models that meet international hygiene standards (HACCP INTERNATIONAL certification). It gives suppliers who use our products a competitive edge. 

7. Remote monitoringOptional 

By incorporating a remote monitoring module, users gain the ability to track product temperature, humidity, location, and security against theft through their computer or smartphone. This feature not only saves labor but also optimizes efficiency by providing real-time oversight and control from anywhere.

Technology Data

Japanese Special Model Standard Model
Total Size

3,034mm(L) × 1,460mm(W) × 1,990mm(H)

5,458mm(L) × 2,520mm(W) × 2,693mm(H)

Box Size

2,200mm(L) × 1,000mm(W) × 1,500mm(H)

3,700mm(L) × 2,020mm(W) × 2,220mm(H)




Cooling Temp Range


Power Supply(External)

100V~260V (50/60Hz)

Solar panels output

200W X 3 sets

420W X 3 sets

Battery specification

120Ah / 1,536Wh

400Ah / 5,120Wh

Other configurations

Automatic defrost function
IoT remote monitoring
Dual temperature bands (Standard Model)

This product can be customized upon request. This data is based on the two basic models in Japan, capacity, solar specifications, battery capacity, etc. will change as the vehicle size changes.

Company Data

Name Cold Storage Japan Inc. 

President Court 3F, 2-14-22 Yamamoto-Dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, 650-0003 Japan

Contact person
Person in Charge: Mr. Zimeng Zhang

CEO: Mr. Daigo Goto

Tel: +81-78-855-2554

Corporate website:

Number of employees 3

Date of company foundation

November 2018

The type of business

Establishment of cold chain based on portable and mobile freezer warehouse.



Contact Person(s)

Person in Chage: Zimeng ZhangE-mail:
CEO: Daigo GotoE-mail:

*Please mention that you saw UNIDO's website when making the first contact with the company.

Registered Category

  • Agribusiness Technologies : Food value chain
  • Disaster Management Technologies : Disaster alert systems