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Container Unit “Quick & Easy Hospital” with Remote Supervision IT System

Container Unit “Quick & Easy Hospital” with Remote Supervision IT System

Fujita Corporation

Container Hospital for Infection

with Remote Supervision IT system


n response to the worldwide spread of the new corona virus (COVID-19), this technology will meet the needs of securing hospital beds to prevent from overwhelming the healthcare system.
This “One-package service” medical unit, built with 20 ft containers which are available in every corner of the world, can effectively provide isolation wards in prompt and simple way.

<Concept of Container Unit>

<Remote Supervision IT System>

*Mobile Phone System is utilized. Below are the sample screens for live mode for construction management.

Major Features and Advantages

・Rapidity → Rapid response against Covid-19 through quick installation of the units.
・Flexibility → Various combination of the units can be a solution for local infection situation and medical system.
・Rationality → Effective isolation of wards can be achieved because of the unitization of containers.
・Variability → Not only as the countermeasure unit for the new coronavirus disease, it can also be applied for other various infectious diseases.


The 20ft containers are easy to obtain from any country. With collaboration with local contractors, it is easy to supply to "countries where medical care is declining" and to "developing countries" around the world.

Technology Data

Possible applications

1) Infection countermeasures

For the infection, it is necessary to give the prompt and right medical treatment. Applying our facility, it is possible to supply proper medical diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

2) Supply of units for stable community medical system

Utilizing Japanese high quality medical system, it is possible to supply our fine treatment hardware for the area where medial infrastructure is necessary.

Competitive advantage

The competitive advantages are as following.

  1. Quick and easy construction for units with competitive price
  2. Japanese high quality and long durability design and engineering
  3. Variety and flexibility of unit options (such as diagnosis, medical test, hospitalized, ICU, mortuary, medical disposal, staff office and rest room, etc) with medical and utility equipment
  4. Short term period of construction and easy mobility
  5. Remote supervising IT system (CONNET) is installed for construction and maintenance


  1. Short time for construction period (1-2 weeks after arriving the units to the site)
  2. Remote supervising IT system is applicable at anytime, any places by WiFi environment with smart phones and tablets

Technical Maturity / Past record of introduction

1) Container unit

While the utilization of the container follows the international standard of the industry, the design and hardware of our product has unique and proven technological property. Fujita has introduced the units in Mombasa, Kenya. The introduction to several other areas is planned and under implementation phase.

2) Remote supervising IT system

Our proven supervising IT system “CONNET” has been already applied to many construction sites. The users of the system are over 1,000, mainly among the related stakeholders in construction sector.

Information on patent related to this technology


Company Data

Name Fujita Corporation
Address 4-25-2 Sendagaya, Shibuya ku, Tokyo 151-8570 JAPAN
Capital 14 billion JPY (as of 31 March, 2020)
Contact person International Business Division,
India Middle East & Africa Business Division
Mr. Kyoichi NAGASE
Tel: +81-80-9097-2039
Tel: +81-70-1388-0723
Corporate website:
Number of employees 3,369 (as of 1 April, 2020)
Date of company foundation 1 October, 2002
The type of business
  1. Contracting, planning, design, supervision, and consulting services for construction projects.
  2. Real estate appraisals and business operations related to real estate buying, selling, trading, leasing, and management as well as agent and mediation services.
  3. Ownership, management, and consulting services related to accommodation facilities, sports facilities, recreational facilities, health and medical facilities, educational facilities.
  4. Business operations related to project development and sales in connection with information and telecommunication systems.
  5. Manufacturing, processing, sales, and rentals of construction materials, equipment, and machinery.
  6. All business operations incidental to the aforementioned items.


International operation

Number of employees for international operation 
City, Country Name of Company (if applicable)
Shanghai, China Fujita China
India Fujita India
Nairobi, Kenya

Modality of business transaction

Following the situation at the project site, Fujita proceeds the planning and designing work and we collaborate with local manufactures for the fabrication and erection work based on our design policy and standard.


Schematic illustration of the technology


Fig. 1 Management scheme


Table. 1 Container Finishing


Fig. 2 Combination example

Contact Person(s)

Mr. Kyoichi NAGASEE-mail:

*Please mention that you saw UNIDO's website when making the first contact with the company.

Registered Category

  • Human Health Technologies : Public health / Monitoring and diagnostic equipment