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Be-A Air Light Shorts (Female Absorbent Underwear)

Be-A Air Light Shorts (Female Absorbent Underwear)

ITOCHU Corporation

Empowering Women through
Absorbent Underwear

I n developing countries, especially landlocked ones, the cost of transportation poses a significant challenge, making it difficult for women to access menstrual products during their period. There are women who are unable to attend school during menstruation, leading some to drop out and give up on their dreams. This product is an underwear designed to be worn during menstruation, capable of absorbing menstrual blood. Since it can be used repeatedly, it offers a solution to the challenges faced by menstruating women.                                                           

Major Features and Advantages

  • By constructing the absorbent layer using a 7-layer structure with the following materials, it quickly absorbs and disperses liquids, preventing leaks. Compared to other products, the absorbent part is thinner.
  • The first layer is made of quick-dry and deodorizing material.
  • The second and third layers consist of diffusion and anti-bacterial deodorizing materials.
  • The fourth layer is for absorption and moisture retention.
  • The fifth and sixth layers are waterproof, anti-bacterial, and deodorizing materials.
  • The seventh layer is the outer material, which is highly elastic and enhances the fit.
  • The sewing specifications are also designed innovatively to prevent leaked fluids from escaping by encasing them in water proof fabric.

Technology Data

Technology data

Competitive advantage

Despite being thinner than other absorbent shorts, it is designed to prevent any leakage of absorbed liquids. Additionally, the fabric that touches the skin has undergone a special treatment to maintain a dry and comfortable feel even after absorption.


    The absorption capacity is guaranteed to be 60ml.

    Technical maturity / Past record of introduction

    Currently, about 30,000 pieces have been sold in Japan.

    Company Data

    Company data

    Name ITOCHU Corporation

    5-1, Kita-Aoyama 2-chome, Minatoku, Tokyo
    107-8077, Japan

    Capital 253,448 million yen
    Contact person

    Yamashita Shohei

    Number of employees 4,187 (as of March 2024)
    Date of company foundation December 1, 1949
    Type of business In the fields of textiles, machinery, metals, energy, chemicals, food, living essentials, information, and finance, we conduct domestic, import/export, and trilateral transactions, as well as a wide range of business activities including investments in projects both domestically and internationally.


    International operation

    Number of employees for international operation  2,000
    Overseas offices




    Modality of business transaction

    Export of product
    Initially, we are considering to export primarily to regions in Africa, and as the quality improves, we are also contemplating to ship to developed countries such as those in Europe, with the hope of contributing to Ethiopia’s economic development.

    Contact Person(s)

    Mr. Shohei YAMASHITAE-mail:

    *Please mention that you saw UNIDO's website when making the first contact with the company.

    Registered Category

    • Environmental Technologies : Circular Economy (3R)
    • Human Health Technologies : Public health