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The Second Technology Day

The Second Technology Day

A platform event enabling direct communication between the representatives of embassies in Japan and Japanese companies who are eager to transfer their unique technologies in the area of environment and energy development especially for developing and emerging countries, took place for the second time in Tokyo at the UNU Building. The event, Technology Day, attracted 35 participants (representatives from 22 embassies and consultants), who spent the afternoon visiting the exhibition booths of the 12 Japanese companies.

H.E. Prof. Mohammed Gana Yisa, Ambassador of Nigeria expressed much enthusiasm in meeting the companies individually, “a.s.a.p.”. “What I saw today are new ideas, eco-friendly products and those which are relatively not so expensive. Many are applicable in the rural parts of my country. The environment factor especially cannot be overlooked, these days”, said Ambassador Yisa.

“This is a pleasant surprise”, said Mr. Talal Al Siyabi, First Secretary of the Embassy of Oman. “What a wonderful occasion for us to be able to come face-to-face with Japanese companies and interact with them. I hope that Japanese companies can also seize this opportunity to better understand the needs of each country and also the cost aspects”, said Mr. Al Siyabi .

Madame Camara Mariétou Diarra, Premier Conseiller of the Embassy of the Republic of Mali, was also one of the guests who visited all 12 booths. “The reproduction of plastics and the management of medical wastes are some of the challenges we face in our country. I am happy to have been able to speak to the Japanese companies with such interesting technologies”, she said, adding that she looks forward to further being in touch with the companies individually for further discussions.  

Technology transfer catered to the needs of each country was also mentioned as an important factor, as Counselor Michael Katungye of the Embassy of the Republic of Uganda said; “Uganda is a very humid country. Technology that allows logistics with stabilized temperature would therefore be of our interest, for example. Each country has unique needs ”, he said. 

“We had a number of visits to our booth from the representatives of various countries”, said Mr. Shigeomi Sato, Director of International Business at Tottori Resource Recycling Inc. whose technology entail foaming glass. “As our technology of water-saving processing is targeted for agricultural farming, the result does not come overnight. Building and maintaining partnerships with local dealers is therefore, just as important”, added Mr. Sato, also mentioning the future interest to build factories, locally.

Tesna Energy, whose technology entails compact and safe waste incinerator for medical and industrial waste, also had numerous visits by the representatives of the embassies to their booth. “We have successful cases through ODA projects in Sierra Leone and Pakistan”, said Mr. Shuichi Kondoh, Product Marketing Manager of Tesna. “We begin by conveying how important it is to not casually throw away medical waste, even if it seems like a solution free-of-charge”, said Mr. Kondoh. “Our incinerator itself is not a solution to the medical and industrial waste cycle, yet an inevitable in contributing to the cycle”, he adds with much confidence.

Ms. Elodie Lenda, originally from Paris, was also busy speaking to multiple visitors to the booth of her affiliation, EiShin, whose primary product is energy efficient and eco-friendly automobile filter spray, which leads to increasing the car mileage and saving fuel. “I am also personally very much conscious of the environment”, said Ms. Lenda, expressing much confidence in further broadening the market on top of the 14 countries that the product is sold in.

The needs of the representatives of the embassies to obtain the understanding of a wide range of Japanese technologies while discussing face-to-face with each company have been well accommodated through the event. This  platform to bridge the two parties closed with success, while noting the anticipation for further expansion of contents and scale of the event. 


Date: Wednesday, 1 November 2017
Time: 14:30-17:00
Venue: Reception Hall, United Nations University HQs, 2F
Organizer: UNIDO ITPO Tokyo

Participating Japanese companies

Tottori Resource Recycling Inc.
Nihon Genryo Co., Ltd.
Kokusaikan Corporation Japan
Nakayama Iron Works, Ltd.
Shinko Tecnos Co., Ltd.
EiShin Co., Ltd.
Y’s Global Vision Inc.
Tesna Energy Co., Ltd.