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The Third Technology Day was held on 15 November

The Third Technology Day was held on 15 November

UNIDO ITPO Tokyo organized the Third Technology Day on November 15th 2018, which was attended by 48 participants including 34 representatives from 25 embassies.

Technology Day is an exhibition event with a purpose of introducing technologies registered on UNIDO ITPO Tokyo’s Environmental Technology Database to embassy representatives and consultants working to support companies doing business in developing countries.

In the Third Technology Day, 13 companies presented a wide range of technologies including waste treatment technology, agricultural technology, small hydro technology, and window coating technology.

When the door was opened at 14:30, discussions immediately started at the company booths around the room. Also when the company presentation started at 15:00, many participants could be seen in the presentation booth listening intently to the presentations. Many positive comments were heard from the participants and some were seen making appointments at the booth for next individual meetings with companies. Below were some comments from the participants.

“We need many of these technologies in our country, so I would like them to come to our country soon.”
“It was a very informative event. I hope to see more technologies next time.”
“I think the duration of this exhibition should be longer.”

One exhibitor, who also exhibited in the last Technology Day commented that the number of inquiries have increased after the technology day last year. They hope to continue many business discussions after this year’s event as well.

UNIDO ITPO Tokyo’s Environmental Technology Database registers Japanese environmental technologies from companies looking to do business in developing countries. If you are interested in Japanese environmental technologies, please visit the Environmental Technology Database on our website.


Date: Thursday, 15 November 2018
Time: 15:00-17:30
Venue: Annex Space, United Nations University HQs, 1F
Organizer: UNIDO ITPO Tokyo

Participating Japanese companies

Tottori Resource Recycling Inc. 
Gaina Pro Co., Ltd. 
Kokusaikan Corporation Japan 
Mebiol Inc. 
FUMIN Co., Ltd. 
EiShin Co., Ltd. 
Japan Insulation Co., Ltd. 
Nakayama Iron Works, Ltd. 
Virtual Harmony Co., Ltd. 
Hitachi Metals, Ltd. 
Tamada Industries, Inc.