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Technology Day

Technology Day

Enthusiasm filled the room, as 50 representatives from 33 countries namely from Embassies of developing and emerging countries in Japan, met 12 Japanese companies through exhibition booths filled with demonstration models and information on technologies waiting to be promoted overseas.

Technology Day, a first such effort by UNIDO ITPO Tokyo, was held to showcase a selection of innovative and environmentally friendly technologies and know-how from 12 Japanese companies listed on the “Environmental Technology Database” and connect them with countries seeking viable technology solutions for industrial development and environmental protection.

“This is a wonderful opportunity”, says H.E. Ambassador Mr. Senkoun Sylla of Guinea. “80% of industries in my country rely on agriculture, which means that waste management issues always lingers. There are also other technologies that I see would be of our country’s interest. I hope to see them all in Guinea”. H.E. Ambassador Mr. Grenenger K.M. Banda of Malawi shares the excitement of his Guinean colleague: “I have visited all 12 booths and I will go back for another round of discussion with them. We are ready to welcome Japanese companies especially if they can transfer technologies”. Ms. Warif Halabi, Charge d’ Affaires from the Embassy of the Syrian Arab Republic seems just as excited as she says that all 12 technologies would be of her interest, as the country is in need of everything. She adds that a lack of electricity and purification of water is only part of what the country needs and that there are many technologies that could contribute in bringing recovery to her country.

The exhibitors also did not hesitate to share their enthusiasm, as they spoke passionately with the representatives of the Embassies. The event also helped them to efficiently interact with the representatives of their potential business partners. Mr. Tokunari of Meiwa says that he feels the wind on his back. He expresses confidence in that his past stay in Kenya for 3 years allows him to better understand the needs in some of the African nations and that the company’s technology has been catered to meet those needs. Mr. Nagasawa of Shinko Holdings also shares the feeling with excitement in his eyes, explaining that his company is eagerly working with mainly Asian countries. Both Mr. Tokunari and Mr. Nagasawa are not hesitant in taking risks and managing businesses in countries which seem far with language hurdles, especially for many in Japan. Mr. Tamura of E-SQUARE who is currently consulting for Hinode Sangyo also stresses that “driving–force” is one of the most critical elements that Japanese companies need in expanding businesses outside Japan.

The event closed with much expectation for future sessions in a similar theme and format. Companies strive to bring technology transfer to various countries and at the receiving end diplomats who represent their countries are more than eager to welcome technologies transferred from Japan.


Date: Thursday, 9 March 2017
Time: 13:30-16:00
Venue: Reception Hall, United Nations University HQs, 2F
Organizer: UNIDO ITPO Tokyo

Participating Japanese companies

FUMIN Co., Ltd.


JICUW Co., Ltd.

Kokusaikan Corporation Japan


Kumamoto Seisosha Co., Ltd.

Meiwa Co., Ltd.

NABELL Corporation

Panasonic Corporation

RBC Consultant Co., Ltd.


Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.