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Event Report: Sustainable Technology Exhibition

Event Report: Sustainable Technology Exhibition

UNIDO ITPO Tokyo organized “Sustainable Technology Exhibition” online on 9th and 10th of December 2020.

The online Exhibition featured 23 Japanese companies (listed below) who are the owners of unique technologies registered  in UNIDO ITPO Tokyo’s “Sustainable Technology Promotion Platform (STePP)” in the four main categories, namely energy, environment, agribusiness and human health. Such technologies are highly expected to be transferred to developing and emerging countries for their sustainable industrial development.

Visitors to the Exhibition were confirmed from 37 countries across Asia, Africa and Latin America. They freely visited the company booths, browsed and downloaded the technology/product brochures, and also engaged in communications with the exhibitors while using various tools such as chats, mails as well as video calls.

For most of the exhibitors, the participation to the online event was their first experience. They commented that the event was useful to introduce their technologies and products to many companies from different regions of the world who could be their potential partners. They also expressed their interests to join other online exhibitions if any such similar events would take place in future.

For further information on STePP, please visit the following site.


Date:               9 (Wed) – 10 (Thu) December 2020 
Time:              10:00-20:00 (JST)  
Format:           Online Exhibition    
Organizer:       UNIDO ITPO Tokyo
Language:       English and Japanese


List of the Exhibitors 

No. Company Name  Technology
1 Excelsior, Inc. Waste Treatment Agent That Does Not Require Electricity, Water and Sewage
2 GIKEN Ltd. Press-in Technology (Eco- friendly Piling Works), Construction Revolution and Disaster Recovery Technology
3 GS Alliance Co., Ltd. 100% Nature Biomass Based Biodegradable Resin
4 HORIBA, Ltd. Accurate and Fast Non-contact Infrared Thermometer: IT series
5 Japan Conservation Engineers & Co., Ltd. Plant Growth Biostimulant: High Concentrate Fulvic Acid Solution “Fujimin®”
6 Japan Insulation Co., Ltd. Thermal Insulation Material Using Biomass
7 JTOP Co., Ltd. On-site Regeneration System of Activated Carbon Filtration Unit
8 KAIHO INDUSTRY Co., Ltd. Environmental Friendly Automobile Recycling System
9 KINSEI SANGYO Co., Ltd. Waste incinerator of gasification system
10 KOMAIHALTEC Inc.  300kW Wind Energy Generating System
11 MARS Company ① Special Ice Maker from Salty Water for Fish Preservation :”sea snow”
② Unique Refrigerating Machines with Supercooling Technology for High-Quality Food Preservation: Kuraban
12 Matsuzawa Kawaraten, Inc. Super Virus Inactivity Light
13 Mitsubishi Chemical Aqua Solutions Co., Ltd. On-site Water Treatment System to Improve Quality
14 NascNano Technology Co., Ltd. MEDICAL NANOCOAT
15 NEW STANDARD’S Co., Ltd. A Water-producing Server Without Tap Water to Create Safe Drinking Water by Condensing Humidity
16 Shinko Tecnos Co., Ltd. ① Hydrothermal Treatment Technology
② Plastic changing to oil machine
17 TAMADA Corporation Pollution Prevention: SF double-wall tank
18 Techno Medica Co., Ltd. Portable Electrolyte Analyser ‘STAX-5 inspire’
19 Terios-Tec Co., Ltd. / Parks Co., Ltd. Hypochlorous Acid Solution Manufacturing Equipment (Patented Technology: Buffer Method)
20 TOTETSU MFG. Co., Ltd. Water treatment: Rainwater Harvesting and Underground Storage
21 Tromso Co., Ltd. Biofuel: Rice Husk Briquette Machine Water Purifier ‘Welvina’ Series
22 Tsujiplastics Co., Ltd. Solar Charger for Rural Residents
23 Y’s Global Vision, Inc. Compact-Sized Desalination Device