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G7 Hiroshima Summit - Japanese technologies to provide solution in developing countries for a sustainable future

G7 Hiroshima Summit - Japanese technologies to provide solution in developing countries for a sustainable future

UNIDO ITPO Tokyo introduced Japanese technologies registered on the Sustainable Technology Promotion Platform “STePP” at the International Media Centre at G7 Hiroshima Summit from 18 to 22 May 2023. The exhibition booth of UNIDO ITPO Tokyo showcased innovative Japanese technologies registered on STePP, drawing over 5,000 media representatives. Highlighting the solutions provided by local companies in Hiroshima and Chugoku region, UNIDO ITPO Tokyo supported the promotion of Japanese companies addressing challenges in developing countries.

Additionally, our presence at the G7 Karuizawa Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in April boosted global recognition of Japan’s sustainable technologies. From 15 to 18 April, the registered technologies related to the environment and agribusiness were exhibited at the International Media Centre.

UNIDO ITPO Tokyo is committed to fostering a brighter future by supporting Japanese companies’ international expansion and providing solutions to global issues. Join us in building a sustainable world together as we promote sustainable technologies from Japan to developing countries.

Exhibited Technologies: G7 Hiroshima Summit

Takino Filter inc. “Takino Filter”: Unique Erosion Control and Environmental Restoration Mats
(Kudamatsu, Yamaguchi)

The multifunctional filter is a greening mat that prevents soil erosion and is found at construction sites related to infrastructure such as roads, disaster recovery work, and natural resource extraction. It not only prevents soil erosion caused by wind and rain, but also improves the soil environment, which is closely related to plant growth. The mat protects the soil and prevents it from drying out and freezing, realizing sustainable greening. Because it is a lightweight roll material, it is easy to handle and does not require heavy machinery.

TERAL INC. – DC Drive Pump with Solar Power System
(Fukuyama, Hiroshima)

Teral’s solar pumps directly utilize the DC power generated by solar panels without intermediate conversion to AC. The pumps have built-in automatic controls and protection devices, and are competitive in terms of cost, durability, and ease of installation. The technology is low cost, so that it can be used in rural areas, too.

Tromso Co., Ltd. – Grind Mill converts the unused resource “rice husks” into environmentally friendly fuel
(Onomichi, Hiroshima)

“Grind Mill” is an innovative technology that converts unused rice husks into environmentally friendly solid fuel without the use of binders or adhesives. Inspired by Hiroshima shipbuilding technology, the “Grind Mill” has a special metal coating that enhances its durability. The solid fuel “Momigarite” briquette is a practical energy solution that can be used in a variety of situations, such as homes, schools, disaster relief activities, and thermal power generation. It contributes to forest conservation as a sustainable alternative to firewood and charcoal.

Exhibited Technologies: G7 Karuizawa Foreign Ministers’ Meeting

Mebiol Inc. – Imec: Sustainable Agriculture through Film Farming

Mebiol, Inc. has invented a film called “Imec” made of hydrogel for growing vegetables with less water. It reduces water consumption to less than a quarter of what is needed for hydroponic farming, and 1/10 of conventional farming using soil. It can produce results even in barren areas that lack agriculture. The film prevents harmful viruses and germs from getting in, rendering pesticides unnecessary. It can even be used in the soil- contaminated suburbs of Shanghai or in hot and unforgiving Dubai deserts.

TBM Co., Ltd. LIMEX: Limestone-based material for plastic and paper alternatives

LIMEX is a new material made mainly from limestone that can be used as an alternative to plastic and paper. As the development and production of alternative materials for plastic progress globally, LIMEX is a cost-competitive and environmentally friendly material that can contribute to reducing petroleum-based resin and greenhouse gas emissions. It is patented in over 40 countries and has been used in over 10,000 organizations.

Tromso Co., Ltd. – Welvina: High Performance Water Purifier with Rice Husk Activated Charcoal Filter
(Reference: STePP Demonstration project)

Welvina water purifier adopts a rice husk activated charcoal filter. It has rapid absorption performance, adsorption of large organic molecules, the excellent effect to remove tiny proteins, and most importantly, a capacity to remove germs and viruses. The filter is completely made from the carbonization of rice husk briquette. It outperforms coconut shell filters in the removal rate of impurities in water.