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UNIDO-Sophia University Seminar

UNIDO-Sophia University Seminar

On 10 April 2019, a seminar entitled “Industrialization, Development and the SDGs-Your future career in the UN” was held at Sophia University. While looking back on his career, LI Yong, UNIDO Director General, spoke passionately to the younger generation about his thoughts on industrial development and career development. 76 people including 57 students participated in the seminar.

Following the opening remarks by Ms. Sugimura, Vice President of Sophia University, LI Young gave a keynote speech. He mentioned that there are many areas where industrial development can contribute to achieving the SDGs, and Japan is a good example reconciling development and the environment, and that there is a need for new ideas from the younger generation.

The Director General, in a dialogue with Professor Uramoto, reflected on his career as a finance expert from the World Bank to UNIDO, revealing his passion to contribute to the least industrialized countries.

At the UN Career Talk moderated by Mr. Kuniyoshi, Deputy to the Director General of UNIDO, Mr. Beniya, Deputy Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, explained the support provided by the Recruitment Center for International Organizations to increase the number of Japanese working at international organizations. He recommended the JPO (Junior Professional Officer) system to get into an international organization and build a network and gain a career in actual work. It was advised that in order to do so it is necessary to have a master’s degree from a graduate school. Ms. Toshinaga talked about the investment promotion work she is doing at the UNIDO Tokyo, indicating the contents and points that she felt worthwhile.


Outline of the Seminar

Date/Time:          Wednesday, 10 April 2019, 10:00-11:30
Venue:                 Sophia University, Building No.2, 17th Floor, International Conference Room
Organizers:          Sophia University,
                             United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)
Language:            English-Japanese with simultaneous interpretation
MC:                        Mr. Yuko Yasunaga, Head, UNIDO ITPO Tokyo 
Fees:                     Free/Registration required


10:00     Opening Remarks
              Prof. Miki Sugimura, Vice President for Academic Exchange, Sophia University

10:10     Keynote Address
Mr. LI Yong, Director General, United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)

10:25     Dialogue
              Moderated by Prof. Yoshi Uramoto, Center for Global Education and Discovery, Sophia University
              • Dialogue with Mr. LI Yong, Director General, UNIDO
              • Q& A with audience including university students

10:55     UN Career Talk
              Moderated by Mr. Hiroshi Kuniyoshi, Deputy to the Director General, UNIDO
              • Mr. Akira Benya, Deputy Director, Recruitment Center for International Organizations,
                 Foreign Policy Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
              • Ms. Ikue Toshinaga, Programme Officer, UNIDO ITPO Tokyo

11:30    Closing