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UNIDO ITPO Tokyo hosted Mr. Francis C. Chikonde, Business Development Specialist, Zambia Development Agency (ZDA) of Zambia from 20 to 24 October 2014.

Mr. Chikonde works at Investment Division of ZDA to promote foreign and local investment in the country by providing information about investment climate, facilitating permissions and licenses or supporting application to related ministries. Also he takes care of continuous development of start-up companies after investment for the long-term success.

During the stay in Japan, he met business entities and institutes which are interested in the country especially in the sectors of agriculture, infrastructure, manufacturing, scientific technology and environmental technology, presenting latest economic situation, investment climate or opportunities.

Zambia is politically stable and democratically developed after its independence. Its economy expanded rapidly and annual GDP growth ratio realized at 6 to 7% after 2004. Natural resources, such as copper, are abandon. In recent years the government has been shifting mining industry into high-value added products and also enhancing manufacturing and agriculture sectors in order to diversify the structure of national economy.