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TICAD7: Japan-Africa Business Partner Matching in Yokohama

TICAD7: Japan-Africa Business Partner Matching in Yokohama

Ten African companies and four UNIDO-African Advisors from Algeria, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Senegal and Zambia met with Japanese business people on the final and busy day of TICAD7, resulting in 99 business matching meetings over one full day.

The meetings covered a variety of business sectors including agriculture, chemicals, construction, electric machinery, finance & insurance, ICT, logistics, manufacturing, plastics, precision equipment, retailing, services, trading and utilities.

Many of the Japanese and African participants expressed that the event provided them with a unique chance to meet each other in Japan and consider joint business projects.

The delegation invited by UNIDO also participated in Japan-Africa Business Expo&Forum by JETRO and a tour at Nissan Yokohama Plant and deepened understanding on business with Japan.


Date/Time: Friday, 30 August, 2019 @10:30-12:30 / 14:00-16:00
Venue: Canal, 2F, Navios Yokohama
Organized by: UNIDO ITPO Tokyo
Language: English

Participants from Africa

UNIDO Advisors

  • Lies Kerrar, Advisor in Algeria, UNIDO ITPO Tokyo
  • Tadesse Dadi Segni, Regional Advisor in Ethiopia, UNIDO ITPO Tokyo
  • Nandio Durão, Advisor in Mozambique, UNIDO ITPO Tokyo
  • Aïssatou Ndiaye, Advisor in Senegal, UNIDO ITPO Tokyo

Representatives from 10 Companies

  • Ewnetu Abera Tesfamichael, CEO, Perago Information Systems (Ethiopia)
  • Sisay Tesfaye Bekele, Founder & Managing Director, Walia Steel Industry (Ethiopia)
  • Girma Redda Sisay, General Manager, Yanet Trading (Ethiopia)
  • Felisberto Botão, CEO, Tatos Botão (Mozambique)
  • Adelina Loice Botão, Executive Administrator, Tatos Botão (Mozambique)
  • Denis Cajada, Business Analyst, Zero Investimentos (Mozambique)
  • Bakary Diakite, General Manager, Platform Technologies (Senegal)
  • Seydou Traore, Managing Director, Sasise (Senegal)
  • Maxwell Zulu, Manager of Technical Services, Lusaka South MFEZ (Zambia)*
  • Inonge Gondwe, Company Secretary, Lusaka South MFEZ (Zambia)*
  • Matthew Mwenya, Managing Director, Sonergy Diagnostics (Zambia)*
  • Mathew Mwanza, Technical Director, Sonergy Diagnostics (Zambia)*
  • Gabriel Mumba, CEO, Eastlight Zambia (Zambia)*

*Mobilized through the Embassy of Zambia in Japan


10:15  Registration of B2B / For Morning Session
10:30  Start of B2B Morning Session
10:45  Presentation “Key for business success in Africa: Algeria, Ethiopia, and
           Mozambique – Survey to African Advisors of UNIDO ITPO Tokyo -“
           Tomoyoshi Koume, UNIDO HQ
12:30  Registration of B2B / For Afternoon Session
14:00  Start of B2B Afternoon Session
15:00  Presentation *same as Morning Session
16:00  End

Contact for Inquiries

UNIDO ITPO Tokyo (PIC: Ms. Shigematsu / Ms. Tachiiri)
Tel: 03-6433-5520

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