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Our countermeasures regarding COVID-19

Our countermeasures regarding COVID-19



Due to the COVID-19, our office continue to work from home until further notice. In case of need please contact our staff by email, or send an email to We apologize in advance for any inconvenience. – UNIDO ITPO Tokyo

The UNIDO response Analysis and
Opinion Pieces
Useful Documents Information and Resources


The UNIDO response

Gerd Müller, Director General of UNIDO

Analysis and Opinion Pieces 

UNIDO HQ published a series of articles related to COVID-19.

The impact of COVID-19 on manufacturing investments

Advances in production technology and a trend towards shorter supply chains make a return to “business as usual” highly unlikely.


COVID-19: A wake up call for research and industrial capacity-building

The pandemic is a reminder that investments in scientific, technological and productive capacities are necessary to build resilience in crises.

Industries post-COVID-19: A gender-responsive approach to global economic recovery

Women’s specific needs and potential as leaders and agents of change must be considered for COVID-19 mitigation and recovery measures.

Risk, resilience and recalibration in global value chains
COVID-19, poverty and why rescuing industry is a good strategy
Rescue industries and firms now: How to minimize the long-term negative impacts on economies and populations
How industrial policy can mitigate the impact of the pandemic
COVID-19 effects in sub-Saharan Africa and what local industry and governments can do
Latin America: Kickstarting manufacturing in the time of COVID-19
COVID-19 and the global contraction in FDI
Turning health challenges into industrialization opportunities for developing countries
Why innovative manufacturing and circularity are key for a resilient manufacturing industry post-COVID-19
Foster recovery from COVID-19 through science, technology and innovation


The reports are a series of analysis and opinion papers published by UNIDO HQ related to the economic impacts of COVID-19 pandemic.

・Articles① “Coronavirus: The economic impact”, “Managing COVID-19: How industrial policy can mitigate the impact of the pandemic”
・Articles② ”Managing COVID-19: How the pandemic disrupts global value chains”, ”COVID-19 Impacts on Industry: Policy Recommendations for the Arab Region” 
・Articles③ Managing COVID-19: Between policy and politics in Latin America and the Caribbean”, ”COVID-19 critical supplies: the manufacturing repurposing challenge”, ”Managing COVID-19: Could the coronavirus spur automation and reverse globalization?”
・Article④ “Coronavirus: the economic impact – 10 July 2020 A health pandemic or a pandemic for the economy? April 2020 and some early evidence of firms’ perceptions”

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Useful Documents

UNIDO response framework (April/May 2020) Business continuity and recovery from the COVID-19 crisis COVID-19 Implications and Responses. Digital Transformation and Industrial Recovery
Policy Research and Statistics (PRS) newsletter Issue 6 (June – July 2020)



Information and Resources

World Health Organization COVID-19 pandemic homepage 
World Health Organization COVID-19 advice for the public (with video resources and infographics)
World Health Organization Kobe Center COVID-19 updates and resources
Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare COVID-19 updates