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Our countermeasures regarding COVID-19

Our countermeasures regarding COVID-19



Following the lifting of Emergency guidelines by the Government of Japan on May 25, our office is re-opening partially from June 3, with limited staffing, until further notice. The return to office by staff will be in phases, and some staff will continue to work from home on certain days, until further notice. In case of need please contact our staff by email, or send an email to We apologize in advance for any inconvenience. – UNIDO ITPO Tokyo

The UNIDO response Analysis and
Opinion Pieces
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The UNIDO response

LI Yong, Director General of UNIDO

Message to the Member States on the UNIDO response to COVID-19

VIENNA, 7 April 2020 – The COVID-19 pandemic has created a global crisis that is unprecedented in the history of UNIDO and the 75 years of the United Nations. It is confronting each of us with unprecedented challenges. Every country is feeling its impact on health care systems, the economy and society as a whole. In the global fight to overcome this virus together, UNIDO joins with the entire United Nations family to help our Member States overcome this global crisis. In view of an exceptional economic downturn, UNIDO also stands ready to provide medium- and long-term support in the aftermath of the pandemic.

What started as a health emergency, which needs to be contained at all costs to save human lives, has rapidly turned into an economic and social crisis.

Inclusive and sustainable industrial development plays a critical part in all phases of this global crisis, as adaptations in manufacturing can help address shortages of urgently required goods, as a sudden reduction in manufacturing can cause disruptions in global value chains and the supply of products, and as the industrial sector is highly affected by the crisis and needs to be part of the response to solve extraordinary levels of unemployment and recession. As the economic consequences unfold in different regions and countries, it will be important to address the specific needs of women business owners, entrepreneurs and workers.   >> Read more


Analysis and Opinion Pieces 
UNIDO HQ published a series of articles related to COVID-19

The reports are a series of analysis and opinion papers published by UNIDO HQ related to the economic impacts of COVID-19 pandemic.
・Articles① “Coronavirus: The economic impact”, “Managing COVID-19: How industrial policy can mitigate the impact of the pandemic”
・Articles② ”Managing COVID-19: How the pandemic disrupts global value chains”, ”COVID-19 Impacts on Industry: Policy Recommendations for the Arab Region” 
・Articles③ Managing COVID-19: Between policy and politics in Latin America and the Caribbean”, ”COVID-19 critical supplies: the manufacturing repurposing challenge”, ”Managing COVID-19: Could the coronavirus spur automation and reverse globalization?”
・Article④ “Coronavirus: the economic impact – 10 July 2020 A health pandemic or a pandemic for the economy? April 2020 and some early evidence of firms’ perceptions”

COVID-19 and the global contraction in FDI Turning health challenges into industrialization opportunities for developing countries
Global foreign direct investments (FDI) are decreasing due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. The author predicts that the impact will be more severe in developing countries, as these countries are dependent on FDIs. In the COVID-19 crisis, the pandemic’s impact can be turned industrialization opportunities by building strategic synergy between health and industrial policies focusing on the relationship of these policies.
Why innovative manufacturing and circularity are key for a resilient manufacturing industry post-COVID-19 Foster recovery from COVID-19 through science, technology and innovation
Manufacturing has earned its place as a mainstay of the recovery strategies of post-COVID-19 economies. This article mentioned the importance of innovation and circulation to create resilient and sustainable manufacturing in the future. Investment in science, technology and innovation (STI) activities, particularly research and development (R&D), must be a key driver of economic recovery to address the immediate challenges of the COVID-19 health crisis. This article refers to what policymakers can do.


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Useful Documents

UNIDO response framework (April/May 2020) Business continuity and recovery from the COVID-19 crisis COVID-19 Implications and Responses. Digital Transformation and Industrial Recovery
Policy Research and Statistics (PRS) newsletter Issue 6 (June – July 2020)



Information and Resources

World Health Organization COVID-19 pandemic homepage 
World Health Organization COVID-19 advice for the public (with video resources and infographics)
World Health Organization Kobe Center COVID-19 updates and resources
Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare COVID-19 updates