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UNIDO-Japan cooperation

UNIDO-Japan cooperation

In 2016 UNIDO is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary and reflecting on the past halfcentury during which UNIDO has worked closely with its Member States and partners.

Japan is one of the founding members of the Organization and has long been a trusted and dependable friend of UNIDO both in terms of its financial contributions and the political support to UNIDO’s mandate of promoting inclusive and sustainable industrial development (ISID).

Japan is the largest contributor to the regular budget of UNIDO. It has also been a consistent and reliable donor, funding a variety of our projects and programmes in many developing countries and economies in transition.

The cooperation between UNIDO and Japan encompasses virtually all aspects of industrial development — from reduction of poverty and bolstering human security to trade and investment facilitation, and from engaging with the private sector to a range of activities in the areas of energy, the environment and climate change — as this brochure exemplifies.

This publication portrays recent joint initiatives and achievements of UNIDO and Japan promoting inclusive and sustainable industrial development.

— Excerpt from foreword by the Director General