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Event Report: Sustainable Technology & SDGs Seminar

Event Report: Sustainable Technology & SDGs Seminar

UNIDO ITPO Tokyo organized an online seminar focusing on SDGs and sustainable technologies on 8 December 2020.

Following the Opening Remarks by Mr. Yuko Yasunaga, Head of UNIDO ITPO Tokyo, Mr. Takashi Matsuki, Senior Writer, Editorial Bureau of the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Ltd. made a presentation titled “Contribution to SGDs by Japanese Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises”.

Mr. Matsuki is the author of publications related SDGs and is contributing SDGs articles to magazines. He introduced that the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun is a member of the SDG Media Compact and the company publishes articles on SDGs on their paper on a weekly basis. 

Mr. Matsuki enouraged the audience to pay attention to the 169 targets linked to the 17 goals of SDGs to forecast the future market, and referred to the announcement of the Japan’s transport ministry to require new automobiles in Japan to be equipped with automatic braking systems from Nov. 2021, and its relevance to one of the targets of Goal 3 “halve the number of deaths by traffic accidents”. 

Mr. Matsuki further introduced 4 cases of Japanese SMEs contributing to SDGs, including 1) a company producing gin from the “sake kasu”, residue from Japanese sake production process, 2) a company contributing to reducing the amount of garbage with blockchain technology in the Republic of Congo, 3) a company who has developed a simple micro hydro generator incorporating the local demands in the non-electrified areas of Nepal, and 4) a company operating a data center utilizing snow for air-conditioning.

The representatives of the 23 Japanese companies (as listed below) with sustainable technologies registered in the UNIDO ITPO Tokyo’s “Sustainable Technology Promotion Platform (STePP)” made a short presentation individually on their technologies/products, which are expected to be transferred to the developing and emerging countries. The STePP covers 4 areas including environment, energy, agribusiness and human health. Currently around 120 technologies are registered, many of which are those owned by SMEs. The said 23 companies also joined the “Sustainable Technology Exhibition” held online from 9 to 10 Dec 2020 and introduced their innovative technologies and products to the visitors.

For further details of STePP, please refer to the following site.

Seminar Outline

Date/Time:        8 December 2020 (Tue) / 16:00-17:30 (JST)
Format:             Online seminar   * Live stream on zoom  
Organizer:         UNIDO ITPO Tokyo
Language:         English-Japanese Simultaneous Translation


16:00-16:05    Opening Remarks by Mr. Yuko Yasunaga, Head of UNIDO ITPO Tokyo

16:05-16:20    “Contribution to SGDs by Japanese Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises”
                       by Mr. Takashi Matsuki, Senior Writer, Editorial Bureau of the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Ltd.

16:20-17:25     Introduction of Sustainable Technologies by 23 STePP registered companies

17:25-17:30     Annoucement of STePP Technology Exhibition 2020 by UNIDO

17:30               Closing


List of Exhibitors (23 STePP Registered Japanese companies)

No. Company Name  Technology
1 Excelsior, Inc. Waste Treatment Agent That Does Not Require Electricity, Water and Sewage
2 GIKEN Ltd. Press-in Technology (Eco- friendly Piling Works), Construction Revolution and Disaster Recovery Technology
3 GS Alliance Co., Ltd. 100% Nature Biomass Based Biodegradable Resin
4 HORIBA, Ltd. Accurate and Fast Non-contact Infrared Thermometer: IT series
5 Japan Conservation Engineers & Co., Ltd. Plant Growth Biostimulant: High Concentrate Fulvic Acid Solution “Fujimin®”
6 Japan Insulation Co., Ltd. Thermal Insulation Material Using Biomass
7 JTOP Co., Ltd. On-site Regeneration System of Activated Carbon Filtration Unit
8 KAIHO INDUSTRY Co., Ltd. Environmental Friendly Automobile Recycling System
9 KINSEI SANGYO Co., Ltd. Waste incinerator of gasification system
10 KOMAIHALTEC Inc.  300kW Wind Energy Generating System
11 MARS Company ① Special Ice Maker from Salty Water for Fish Preservation :”sea snow”
② Unique Refrigerating Machines with Supercooling Technology for High-Quality Food Preservation: Kuraban
12 Matsuzawa Kawaraten, Inc. Super Virus Inactivity Light
13 Mitsubishi Chemical Aqua Solutions Co., Ltd. On-site Water Treatment System to Improve Quality
14 NascNano Technology Co., Ltd. MEDICAL NANOCOAT
15 NEW STANDARD’S Co., Ltd. A Water-producing Server Without Tap Water to Create Safe Drinking Water by Condensing Humidity
16 Shinko Tecnos Co., Ltd. ① Hydrothermal Treatment Technology
② Plastic changing to oil machine
17 TAMADA Corporation Pollution Prevention: SF double-wall tank
18 Techno Medica Co., Ltd. Portable Electrolyte Analyser ‘STAX-5 inspire’
19 Terios-Tec Co., Ltd. / Parks Co., Ltd. Hypochlorous Acid Solution Manufacturing Equipment (Patented Technology: Buffer Method)
20 TOTETSU MFG. Co., Ltd. Water treatment: Rainwater Harvesting and Underground Storage
21 Tromso Co., Ltd. Biofuel: Rice Husk Briquette Machine Water Purifier ‘Welvina’ Series
22 Tsujiplastics Co., Ltd. Solar Charger for Rural Residents
23 Y’s Global Vision, Inc. Compact-Sized Desalination Device
  • Mr. Yuko Yasunaga, Head of UNIDO ITPO Tokyo

  • Mr. Takashi Matsuki, Senior Writer, Editorial Bureau of the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Ltd.

  • Company Presentation

  • Company Presentation

  • Company Presentation

  • Company Presentation