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UNIDO Seminar: Japan-UNIDO Multi-stakeholder Cooperation Dialogue "Africa and TICAD7"

UNIDO Seminar: Japan-UNIDO Multi-stakeholder Cooperation Dialogue "Africa and TICAD7"

UNIDO Seminar was successfully held on 26 October 2018, taking opportunity of the visit of UNIDO Deputy to the Director General to Japan featuring Japan-UNIDO Multi-stakeholder Cooperation Dialogue “Africa and TICAD7”.

On the occasion of UNIDO’s high-level visits, UNIDO has been regularly organizing the dialogue with public and private stakeholders in Japan, with an aim to strengthen the collaboration with UNIDO. This time, given that the next Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD7) will take place in Yokohama in August 2019 next year, the dialogue was held with a theme “Africa and TICAD7” in an open-style seminar, so that the audience can listen to active discussions among the stakeholders.

Following the guest speeches from MOFA and METI as well as the opening remarks made by Mr. Kuniyoshi, Deputy to the Director General from UNIDO HQs in Vienna, first UNIDO made the presentations entitled “UNIDO’s views on the upcoming TICAD7: Further Advancement of IDDA III.” Mr. Djemba, Chief of Regional Division-Africa at HQs, explained about the UNIDO’s overall framework to support the industrial development for Africa, particularly the Third Industrial Development Decade for Africa (IDDA III) which was adopted with the resolution of the UN General Assembly proclaiming 2016-2025 as the IDDA III and entrusted UNIDO to take a leading implementation role. Then, Mr. Boye, UNIDO Representative of Country Office in Cote d’Ivoire, presented UNIDO’s activities in Africa and opportunities for Japanese private sector with several examples and explained how the cooperation mechanism can be established with more involvement of Japanese stakeholders, to accelerate the industrialization process in Africa.

Next, by representing Africa three Ambassadors from Eritrea, Cameroon and Algeria made presentations entitled “Expectations of African Diplomatic Corps (ADC) to Japan and UNIDO.” The Ambassadors reiterated the importance of industrial development for the African continent and delivered a strong message that the TICAD process should further trigger the involvement of Japanese private sector, thereby bringing more concrete business projects to Africa.

From the Japanese private sector, five companies (Taiyo Electric, NEC, Komatsu, Tromso and Lequio Power Technology) that are planning and implementing projects in Africa together with UNIDO made presentations. In addition to explaining their project activities, the private representatives mentioned the difficulties and challenges in doing business in Africa, which suggested the necessity of facilitation and support from the public sector to establish the conducive business environment.

Finally, several bilateral and multilateral organizations providing support for the industrial development in Africa (JICA, JETRO, AfDB and UNDP) made presentations. These organizations have a wide variety of schemes which are available for the private sector and explained concrete activities toward the upcoming TICAD7 next year.

The event, attracting around 140 participants, helped reaffirm the UNIDO’s commitment to the cooperation with all stakeholders in Japan and provided an opportunity to promote Africa and TICAD7.

*Presentations can be downloaded by clicking the name of speakers below.

Japan-UNIDO Multi-stakeholder Cooperation Dialogue
”Africa and TICAD7


Date/Time: Friday, 26 October 2018, 14:00–17:30 (followed by a reception 17:30–19:00)
Venue: United Nations University (UNU), 5th Floor, Elizabeth Rose Hall
Organizer: United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)

Japanese/English (Simultaneous interpretation)


14:00     Guest Speeches
Mr. Kotaro Katsuki, Director, Global Issues Cooperation Division, 
                  International Cooperation Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)
               – Mr. Takashi Konno, Director, Technical Cooperation Division, Trade and Economic
                  Cooperation Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)

14:10     Opening Remarks
                 Mr. Hiroshi Kuniyoshi, Deputy to the Director General, UNIDO

14:20     Presentations: “UNIDO’s Views on the upcoming TICAD7:
                                                                Further Advancement of IDDA III”

               – Mr. Victor Djemba, Chief, Regional Division-Africa, UNIDO
               – Mr. Tidiane Boye, UNIDO Representative, Country Office in Cote d’Ivoire

15:00     Expectations of African Diplomatic Corps (ADC) to Japan and UNIDO
               – H.E. Mr. Estifanos Afeworki Haile, Ambassador of the State of Eritrea/
                                                                                                              Dean of ADC
               – H.E. Mr. Pierre Ndzengue, Ambassador of the Republic of Cameroon/
                                                                                    Chair of ADC TICAD Committee
               – H.E. Mr. Mohamed El Amine Bencherif, Ambassador of the People’s Democratic
                                   Republic of Algeria/ Chair of ADC Science & Technology Committee

15:25     Coffee Break

15:40     UNIDO’s Parnership in Africa with Japanese Private Companies and
                                                                                                  Future Cooperation

                 Moderator: Mr. Yuko Yasunaga, Head, UNIDO ITPO Tokyo
               – Mr. Tomonori Kikuchi, General Manager, Electric Machinery Division 2,
                                                                                                 Taiyo Electric Co., Ltd.
               – Mr. Kazuhiko Miyawaki, Manager, Global Relations Division, NEC Corporation
               – Mr. Kouji Yanagi, General Manager, Overseas Marketing Department II,
                                              Construction Equipment Marketing Division, Komatsu, Ltd.
               – Mr. Masaaki Uesugi, COO, Tromso Co., Ltd.
               – Mr. Tetsu Kawamura, President, Lequio Power Technology Corp.

16:30     Efforts of related organizations in Japan toward TICAD7
               – Mr. Kei Yoshizawa, Senior Assitant Director and Senior Expert for Development
                                        Policy Analyst and TICAD, Planning and TICAD Process Division,
                                   African Department, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
               – Mr. Makoto Matsumura, Senior Director for Global Strategy Africa,
                                       Planning Department, Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)
               – Mr. Tadashi Yokoyama, Head, Asia External Representation,
                                                                                             African Development Bank
               – Mr. Tetsuo Kondo, Director, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
                                                                                       Representative Office in Tokyo

17:00     Discussions amongst Stakeholders

17:25     Closing Remarks/Wrap-up
                 Mr. Hiroshi Kuniyoshi, Deputy to the Director General, UNIDO

17:30     Networking Reception (UNU, 2nd Floor, Reception Room)