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Green Innovation Expo 2014

Green Innovation Expo 2014

UNIDO ITPO Tokyo participated in the Green Innovation Expo 2014 (GIE 2014) from 12 to 14 November 2014 with a booth and seminar on Water Business and Management featuring Bangladesh, Myanmar and South Africa. The “UNIDO Green Technology Forum 2014” was also hosted on 12 November.

During the Green Innovation Expo 2014 (GIE 2014) held from 12 to 14 November, UNIDO ITPO Tokyo invited three delegates from Bangladesh, Myanmar and South Africa in charge of water management to participate in a UNIDO Booth and seminar.

During the three-day event, 750 participants visited the UNIDO Booth where 82 individual business meetings were held between delegates and Japanese companies, and about 200 participated in the “Seminar on Water Business and Management” to gain information on potential business and investment in the three countries. The seminar also featured a lively panel discussion, led by Japanese experts and featuring the delegates as well as questions from the floor.

In parallel to GIE 2014, the “UNIDO Green Technology Forum” was held on 12 November, featuring speakers from academia, foreign government, Japanese private sector, as well as UNIDO, and focusing on green technology, waste management and low carbon technologies. The Forum attracted 134 participants from Japan and overseas.

Events during GIE 2014 were cooperated and/or co-organized by the Japan Management Association (JMA) and UNIDO HQ.

For further details on each event such as outline, programme and copies of presentations, please go to Outcomes/Delegate Programme and Outcomes/Seminars and Events.