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Event Report: "Business and Tourism Opportunities of Andijan Region, Uzbekistan"

Event Report: "Business and Tourism Opportunities of Andijan Region, Uzbekistan"

UNIDO ITPO Tokyo, jointly with the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Japan, organized a seminar on business and tourism opportunities of Andijan Region, Uzbekistan on 24 November 2022. 

The seminar was organized on occasion of the visit of the 7-member delegation from Andijan Region headed by the Governor. In his keynote speech, H.E. Mr. Shukhratbek Abdurakhmanov, Governor of Andijan Region introduced that Andijan is the most densely populated region in Uzbekistan with 10% of the total population in only 1% of the total land. The Region is known for agriculture producing good quality fruits and vegetables, cotton growing and textile industry, as well as for the production of automobiles. Governor Abdurakhmanov added that Andijan is rich in resources, and increasing interests are seen among foreign entrepreneurs to develop business in the Region as the investiment climate has significantly improved in recent years. He concluded his speech by expressing his hope that more Japanese companies pay attention to and consider investing in the Region.

Mr. Jun Takahashi, Director of JETRO Tashkent made a presentation on economic indicators and industries in Andijan Region. While agriculture and textile industry are the main industries in Andijan, Mr. Takahashi introduced the automobile assembly and automobile parts suppliers in the Region. UzAuto Motors, the highest tax payer in Andijan, has a capacity of assembling 300,000 cars per year and exports to the neighboring countries. A significant number of companies supply car parts to UzAuto. As for foreign direct investments to Andijan, Germany, Turkey and China are the major investors.  As many as 18 companies have decided investments at “Andijan-Pharm”, Free Economic Zone (FEZ) established in 2019 including a large generic company from India.

Mr. Botirjon Khamraev, Deputy Governor talked about the economic outlook and investment opportunities of Andjian Region. Out of 1.2 billion USD exports of Andijan in 2022, 60% is from textile industry, while 32% is from automobile industry. Major export destinations were Kyrugyz Republic, Russia, China, Kazakhstan and Turkey. The FDI totaled US$400 milliion in 2022, with investments coming from China, Germany, Turkey and Russia, resulting in 421 newly established joint ventures. Mr. Khamraev also mentioned about the “New Andijan City” project, which aims at construction of housing for 400,000 at 4,000 hectar land, and encouraged Japanese companies to consider participating in this project. He further introduced investment potential in manufacturing projects in “Andijan Industrial Hub” FEZ and Textile FEZ, as well as manufactring of pharmaceutical products.

The Q&A session picked up the questions related to the access to Andijan Region, tourism resources, water treatment, waste management, and ways to identify local partners, to which Vice Governor provided answers. After the seminar, networking was organized between the Andijan delegation and seminar participants.


Date:              24 November 2022 (Thu)
Time:              10:30-12:10
Venue:            AP Shinagawa Annex Room A and B
Organized by:  UNIDO ITPO Tokyo, Embassy of Uzbekistan in Japan
Supported by:  Japan Institute for Overseas Investment (JOI)
Language:       Uzbek-Japanese consecutive translation

*You can view the presentation slides by clicking the title below in blue. 


10:30-10:35     Opening Remarks
                       Mr. Hideki Murakami, Deputy Head, UNIDO ITPO Tokyo

10:35-10:40     Keynote Speech
                        H.E. Mr. Shukhratbek Abdurakhmanov, Governor, Andijan Region

10:40-11:10    Welcome Remarks 
                       Mr. Jakhongir Turgunov, Counsellor, Embassy of Uzbekistan in Japan
10:10-11:20     Presentation “Economic Outlook of Andijan Region”
         Mr. Jun Takahashi, Director, JETRO Tashkent

11:20-12:00     Presentation “Economic Outlook and Investment Opportunities of Andijan Region
         Mr. Botirjon Khamraev, Deputy Governor, Andijan Region

12:00-12:10     Q & A

12:10              End of Seminar, followed by Networking       


  • Mr. Hideki Murakami, Deputy Head, UNIDO ITPO Tokyo

  • H.E. Mr. Shukhratbek Abdurakhmanov, Governor, Andijan Region

  • Mr. Jakhongir Turgunov, Counsellor, Embassy of Uzbekistan in Japan

  • Mr. Jun Takahashi, Director, JETRO Tashkent

  • Mr. Botirjon Khamraev , Deputy Governor, Andijan Region

  • Q & A

  • Q & A