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UNIDO ITPO Tokyo, invited Mr. Nader G. Saad, Technical Component Director of the Industrial Modernization Center of Egypt (IMC) for the period of 24 November to 6 December 2019.

The IMC was established in 2001 under the patronage of the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Egypt (MTI) to give impetus for a sustainable, modernized, vibrant and competitive Egyptian industry.

Mr. Nader G. Saad serves as part of the leadership team responsible for management, oversight and success of IMC mission, initiatives and outreach programmes, including activities that lead to industrial deepening, technology transfer, fostering innovation and entrepreneurship and industrial policy support.

During his stay in Japan, he met with Japanese companies and promoted the business opportunities as well  as provided data and information on related sector of Egypt.



Contact for Inquiries

UNIDO ITPO Tokyo (PIC: Mr. Gelegen, Ms. Onozaki)
Tel: 03-6433-5520

  • Mr. Nader G. Saad