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UNIDO ITPO Tokyo Head presented a key message on Challenges and Opportunities of 4IR

UNIDO ITPO Tokyo Head presented a key message on Challenges and Opportunities of 4IR


UNIDO ITPO Tokyo Head, Yuko Yasunaga

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is at the center of the digital transformation of societies. 4IR is characterized by the convergence of Advanced Digital Production (ADP) technologies include Artificial Intelligence, 3D printing, Big Data, and Robotics and these technologies are transforming the global industrial landscape. UNIDO identifies digital transformation and innovation as one of the three focus areas for the Organization to advance Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development (ISID).

On October 28th, Yuko Yasunaga, the Head of UNIDO ITPO Tokyo, made a presentation titled “Challenges and Opportunities of 4IR in Investment Promotion and Technology Transfer” at Development Dialogue with the Asia-Pacific and Arab Regional Group for UNIDO Fourth Industrial Revolution Strategic Framework. This dialogue was for UNIDO to present to Member States the status on the preparation of the 4IR Strategic Framework and gather inputs and regional perspectives to inform the development of the framework. 

In his presentation, he delivered the following key messages:

  • 4IR is beneficial for
    • middle-income countries: to upgrade and improve their industrial structures and productivity
    • lower-income or least developed countries: to create new businesses to solve societal challenges
  • For 4IR realization, every country needs
    1. STEM Education (Science/Technology/Engineering/Mathematics)
    2. Promotion of SMEs and Start-ups especially for the young population
    3. Incentivize “Academia-Industry Collaboration”

He also introduced UNIDO ITPO Tokyo’s initiative to promote those measures with the Japanese government and the private sectors.