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National Model UN Students virtually visited UNIDO ITPO Tokyo

National Model UN Students virtually visited UNIDO ITPO Tokyo



The National Model UN, Japan, represented by nine bright Japanese university students, virtually visited UNIDO ITPO Tokyo staff (Mr. Ferda Gelegen, Mr. Hideki Murakami, Ms. Yukiko Fukuyama, Ms. Yuki Onozaki) on 10 March, 2021 to learn about our activities and discuss about inclusive and sustainable industrial development (ISID).

UNIDO ITPO Tokyo briefed the students about investment and technology promotion in developing countries, technology promotion initiatives, and our career paths as examples on how to enter and develop careers in the UN.

During Q&A, students actively asked relevant questions to development such as the effects and sustainability of investments and technology transfer by Japanese companies on local communities in developing countries; competitive sectors of Japan for doing business in Africa; and cyber and digital governance issues related to FDI and development.

The lively discussion extended beyond the original schedule of the meeting, showing the interest for interaction between the students and UNIDO ITPO Tokyo staff. We thank the National Model UN students for visiting us.