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Event Report: Pakistan Investment Seminar 2

Event Report: Pakistan Investment Seminar 2

UNIDO ITPO Tokyo jointly with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the Board of Investment of Pakistan (BOI) organized “Pakistan Investment Seminar 2” online on 22 October 2020.

In the seminar, the representatives from the three (3) Japanese companies with existing operations in Pakistan made presentations on their business experiences in the country.

In the presentation titled “Business Chances in Pakistan”, Mr. Seiichi Mizue, General Manager, Karachi Liaison Office of Sojitz Corporation introduced that business opportunities are available in sectors including automobiles/motorcycle components, synthetic resins/chemicals, textiles, fish/seafoods, dairy products, fruits, sports goods, surgical tools, as well as IT-related business. While referring to the favorable aspects of Pakistan such as that the people are pro-Japanese, and there exist a large number of reliable company owners with high respects for Japanese products, technology and business customs, Mr. Mizue encouraged the Japanese enterprises to study the possibility of developing business in Pakistan.

Mr. Ko Shiino, General Manager, International Division of Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd. mentioned that the decision to invest in Pakistan has been made based on the fact that the country has a large growing population with the number of birth at 6.3 million annually, and that Morinaga has developed business relationships with their joint venture partner initially as an importer of Morinaga products for 40 years. While Mr. Shiino referred to Pakistan as a “hidden jewel” with a big potential particularly for consumer goods, he expressed his hope that the investment climate of the country should be improved in such areas as incentives for FDI, supporting industries and services for foreign businesses.

Mr. Ryuichi Kuwano, Chief Representative of Islamabad Branch Office, NEC Corporation introduced that their business in Pakistan started as early as in 1963 when they established a representative office in Karachi, which was moved to Islamabad in 1973. NEC business has shifted from supply of systems including PSTN switching exchange and microwave transmission at earlier stage, to provision of IP/microwave transmission for mobile operators and security solutions over the years. Referring to the Pakistan ICT market trend characterized by the rapid population increase with a large number of younger generation and by the rapid digitalization, Mr. Kuwano concluded his presentation by introducing NEC business plans which are currently expanded to public safety areas.

The seminar started with the Opening Remarks by Ms. Fareena Mazhar, Secretary of BOI, followed by the Welcome Address by H.E. Mr. Imtiaz Ahmad, Ambassador of Pakistan. Mr. ISOMURA Toshikazu, Consul-General of Japan in Karachi referred to the business environment of Karachi in his speech.

Assistance schemes for Japanese businesses offered by JICA and JETRO were presented by Mr. SAKAMOTO Takema, Director General, South Asia Dept. of JICA and Mr. YAMAGUCHI Kazunori, Country Director of JETRO Karachi Office, respectively. Ms. Yuko Tanaka-Amada, JICA Advisor to BOI introduced the business delegation to Pakistan scheduled for January 2021, which might be converted to a virtual delegation depending on the situation.

The Q&A discussed questions from the audience including the latest FDI figures, Human Resource Development as well as the ways of identifying business partners in Pakistan. Mr. FURUTA Shigeki, Chief Representative of JICA Pakistan Office concluded the seminar on behalf of the organizers. Followed by the 1st Pakistan Investment Seminar, the 2nd seminar attracted over 200 audience.


*You can view the presentation slides by clicking the presentation title in the programme below.
  Kindly note that the slides are given in Japanese, except for those of NEC and JICA Expert.

Seminar Outline

Date/Time:           22 October 2020 (Thu) / 14:00-15:40 (JST)
Format:                Online seminar * Live stream on zoom
Organizers:           JICA, UNIDO ITPO Tokyo
          Prime Minister’s Office Board of Investment (BOI)
Co-organizers:       JETRO Karachi Office
Supporters:           Embassy of Pakistan
                            Japan-Pakistan Business Cooperation Committee
          MUFG Bank, Ltd.
Language:             English-Japanese Simultaneous Translation


14:00-14:05    Opening Remarks
              Ms. Fareena Mazhar, Secretary, Prime Minister’s Office, Board of Investment (BOI)
14:05-14:10    Welcome Remarks
              H.E. Mr. Imtiaz Ahmad, Ambassador of Pakistan, Embassy of Islamic Republic of Pakistan

14:10-14:15    Speech
                      Mr. SAKAMOTO Takema, Director General, South Asia Dept., Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

14:15-14:25   Speech on Doing Business in Karachi       
                      Mr. ISOMURA Toshikazu, Consul-General of Japan in Karachi, Consulate-General of Japan in Karachi

14:25-14:40   Presentation ”Business Chances in Pakistan”
                     Mr. Seiichi Mizue, General Manager, Sojitz Corporation, Karachi Liaison Office

14:40-14:55   Presentation ”Investment in Pakistan as a Japanese Food Company
                     Mr. Ko Shiino, General Manager, International Division, Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd.

14:55-15:10   Presentation “NEC Activity in Pakistan”  
                     Mr. Ryuichi Kuwano, Chief Representative, NEC Corporation, Islamabad Branch Office     

15:10-15:15   Introduction of JETRO’s Support
                   Mr. YAMAGUCHI Kazunori, Country Director, JETRO Karachi Office                

15:15-15:20   Introduction of Business Delegation to Pakistan
                     Ms. Yuko Tanaka-Amada, JICA Advisor to BOI  

15:20-15:35   Q&A

15:35-15:40   Closing Remarks  
                     Mr. FURUTA Shigeki, Chief Representative, JICA Pakistan Office 







  • Ms. Fareena Mazhar, Secretary, BOI

  • HE Mr. Imtiaz Ahmad, Ambassador of Pakistan

  • Mr. SAKAMOTO Takema, JICA

  • Mr. ISOMURA Toshikazu, Consul-General of Japan in Karachi

  • Mr. Seiichi Mizue, Sojitz Corporation

  • Mr. Ko Shiino, Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd.

  • Mr. Ryuichi Kuwano, NEC Corporation

  • Mr. YAMAGUCHI Kazunori, JETRO Karachi

  • Ms. Yuko Tanaka-Amada, JICA Advisor to BOI

  • Mr. FURUTA Shigeki, JICA Pakistan