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The Kyrgyz Republic Investment Seminar [Tokyo]

The Kyrgyz Republic Investment Seminar [Tokyo]

UNIDO ITPO Tokyo and Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic in Japan co-organized the “The Kyrgyz Republic Investment Seminar” on 24 January in Tokyo.

On a sunny winter day in Tokyo with ice still left on the roads from the snow a few days before, the Kyrgyz Republic Investment Seminar held at the UNU Building attracted around 80 participants. Enthusiasm filled the room with interest to the country born in 1991 with a population of 6 million.

Following welcoming remarks by Mr. Ferda Gelegen, Deputy Head, UNIDO ITPO Tokyo, His Excellency Mr. Chingiz Aidarbekov, Ambassador of the Kyrgyz Republic to Japan spoke passionately, expressing his hopes to see further expansion of business between his country and Japan.

The main presenter of the seminar, Mr. Esenkul Momunkulov, the newly appointed Director, Investment Promotion and Protection Agency of the Kyrgyz Republic followed to give his presentation on “Investment Opportunities in the Kyrgyz Republic”. “The fact that we do not have abundant gas and oil as our foundation is in fact good, as we strive to grow and be creative”, said Mr. Momunkulov. Taza Koom (which means “clean society” /, is one of the platforms, which Mr. Momunkulov also introduced as the nation’s policy to further cultivate its path to a successful economy. While the country features a 90% mountainous terrain, with agriculture still being one of the important economic sectors, the videos shared by Mr. Momunkulov showed the Kyrgyz Republic also as a vibrant country of energy-friendly society with digitalization in place. “With the most favorable tax system and the lowest electricity charge in the region, the Kyrgyz Republic welcomes Japanese businesses as a reliable partner. In addition to the launch of the SmartCity and the expansion of tourism, a construction boom followed, and Mr. Momunkulov stressed that his country is ready to further expand business relationships with both large-scale companies and SMEs. As for the SMEs, “we’re a relatively small market, so the opportunities lie much for SMEs”, said Mr. Momunkulov.

The last presenter of the seminar was Mr. Takashi Bunno, President, Monotec Co., Ltd., who spoke on the “Business Environment in the Kyrgyz Republic for Japanese Businesses”, from the perspective of a Japanese business engaged with  the Kyrgyz Republic for imports of Kyrgyz honey and investment in disaster prevention infrastructure.  Based on his visit to the Kyrgyz Republic in 2017, Mr. Bunnno shared his view of the country and the commonalities that the people of Kyrgyz Republic and Japan share. Mr. Bunno especially emphasized the uniqueness of the country in which a future young generation (1-15 yrs. old) comprises nearly 30% of the total population.

The Q&A session continued with enthusiasm from the participants with questions on prioritized areas of the Taza Koom project, incentives for FDI, elaboration on the construction boom and the One Belt One Road policy. Long lines to exchange business cards with the presenters along with the tasting of Kyrgyz honey added a lively atmosphere to the event during the networking session, further stimulating discussions at the venue.

Event Overview:
Date/Time:               January 24, 2018 (Wednesday) 
Venue:               UNU Annex Hall
Title:                         The Kyrgyz Republic Investment Seminar
Organizer:                 UNIDO ITPO Tokyo, Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic in Japan
Language:                 English-Japanese interpretation